Permanent Makeup Super Commercial

Permanent Makeup Super Commercial
February 13, 2012 Sally Hayes

Sally Hayes Permanent Makeup ArtistOne week ago was Super Bowl 46. One week ago I didn’t know Tom Brady from Greg Brady of the Brady Bunch, or Eli Manning from Eli Whitney (the inventor of the cotton gin). : 0 )

Before one week ago I doubt the words Super Bowl and Permanent Makeup had ever been within 100 yards of each other. But one week ago, I appeared in a promotional video which I was told might get 10,000 views on YouTube with a little luck.

Lady Luck herself must have or want permanent makeup. Maybe it’s my Permanent Makeup Las Vegas connection which is giving the good karma. I’m not sure. What I do know is more than 35,000 views have taken place in one week. More than a few of them were football guys who probably don’t even realize women have eyebrows or care enough about them to want permanent eyebrows. Nor did they have any interest in what came out of my mouth about permanent lip makeup.

I’ll let the guys stick to goal lines and sidelines. I’ll stick to doing permanent eyeliner. Here’s a link to the video if you’d like to watch it: