Permanent Makeup Los Angeles: From Oscar To Oxymoron

Permanent Makeup Los Angeles: From Oscar To Oxymoron
March 2, 2012 Sally Hayes

Four days after the Oscars celebrated Hollywood with the world, ol’ Sally Hayes quietly came to town. Without the fanfare I was celebrating my return to the Permanent Makeup Los Angeles/Hollywood/Beverly Hills scene.

The oxymoron I want to share with you from my work today in Dr. Cambre’s plastic surgery office is not “jumbo shrimp,” “amicable divorce” or “untimely death.” But like those it’s a contradiction in terms. My oxymoron from today is about how the subtle, undetectable permanent makeup I do can make a huge difference in a woman’s appearance.

los-angeles-california-permanent-eyeliner1The photo here is of a lovely young woman named Inga. She does not like to wear mascara. Because of this she wanted her permanent eyeliner to be done very lightly.

The photo shows Inga immediately after we tattooed her permanent eyeliner on her left eye. Look at the difference. It’s subtle but at the same time you can definitely notice it. We both enjoyed how it immediately took the tired look out of her eyes. We also liked how it instantly made her eyelashes appear thicker than they really are.

I told Inga this first application would quickly fade 30 to 50% so she could then decide how much darker she would ultimately like it to be when we do her second application in a few weeks. So as it stands now, I’ll end with one more oxymoron by saying Inga’s permanent eyeliner is “completely unfinished.”