Sally Hayes Can Help Hide Embarrassing Scars

Sally Hayes Can Help Hide Embarrassing Scars
June 3, 2013 Sally Hayes

No one enjoys being injured, but unfortunately, most people suffer a few injuries within their lifetime. Sometimes theses injuries result in embarrassing scars. Occasionally, they will shrink, but that usually takes many years and is rarely ever going to become unnoticeable. Scars constantly remind us of our injuries, but if they are noticeable, then people can also annoyingly remind us. This is extremely exhausting. If you have ever lived with a noticeable scar, you understand how wearisome and embarrassing it is to meet new people and talk to strangers. Not only do you have to explain how you got the scar to people who are curious and inconsiderate, but you also have to deal with receiving weird facial expressions, and little kids pointing their fingers at you to their mothers.

You many not care to look like the picture perfect woman, the media glorifies, but is looking normal too much to ask? At Sally Hayes, we can help you camouflage your scars, so that it is not the first thing people notice about you. Your scars do not define you and people should notice your great personality first.

Sally Hayes has a solution!

Do you have a noticeable scar that you would like to hide? Maybe you know someone who is tired of being asked, “What happened?” every time they go out in public. Big scars that are on the face or as a result of breast surgery can be stressful. May people live with noticeable scars that are embarrassing and the truth is that you may not have to. Sally Hayes is a permanent makeup artist who is experienced in cosmetic camouflage.

Even if we are not able to completely cover up the scar, Sally Hayes can help. Her expert opinion will give you peace of mind knowing that you have considered the best solutions for covering up those scars.