Las Vegas, NV Permanent Lipstick Artist

Las Vegas, NV Permanent Lipstick Artist
August 23, 2013 Sally Hayes

Lip tattooing is one of the most sought after permanent makeup procedures and truly provides a lasting beauty enhancement to your facial features. Permanent lip liner alleviates vertical lines around the lip area, along with providing symmetrical definition.  It is especially beneficial to individuals seeking fuller, more youthful looking lips.

Nevada Lip Tattooing Benefits

Permanent lipstick will completely eliminate lipstick bleeding, lipstick on your teeth, lipstick stains on your glass, in addition to napkins.  You will never again have to be concerned about your lipstick coming off and needing to be reapplied after you finish eating, nor will you have to be concerned about it simply disappearing while you are working.

Permanent lipstick, along with other permanent makeup procedures, saves time and money, and gives you more time to enjoy your life without constant concern about your appearance. Imagine the enjoyment of waking up without being worried about needing to pencil on your eyebrows, eyeliner, and lipstick. These procedures are so simple, yet life enhancing, you will wonder why you waited so long to pamper yourself in this way.

Best Lipstick Artist in Las Vegas, NV

Sally Hayes is known as Las Vegas, Nevada’s lipstick artist.  Her focus is not only improving the symmetrical definition of your lips, but providing a natural, skin enhancing color to your lips that blends well with any color of clothing you choose to wear.  You may also choose to wear a different color of lipstick over your permanent lipstick, and still not worry about looking pale and washed out as it wears off during the day, or while eating.

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