Permanent Makeup Pain Management

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Will Permanent Makeup Hurt?

For those considering permanent makeup, one of the most common concerns is whether the procedure will be painful. Like most procedures there is some pain involved in the permanent makeup process, but experienced technicians have several tools available to reduce pain and discomfort. Pain management is one of the most important considerations when deciding which makeup technician to use for the process.

Topical Anesthetics

Topical anesthetics are often used to manage pain during the makeup procedure. This anesthetic is applied to the skin and then covered before the procedure so that it is absorbed by the pores. Absorption into the pores assures that there will be less pain during the needle’s initial contact with the skin. This is commonly used for the application of permanent eyeliner.

Epinephrine Products

Over-the-counter epinephrine products, commonly used to treat allergic reactions, are also used by seasoned makeup technicians. These products essentially stop skin capillaries from working, act to reduce pain during a procedure and minimize swelling during and after the makeup is applied.

Local Anesthetic

If the procedure is done with a doctor or dentist present, as is sometimes the case with lip makeup, a local anesthetic may be used. Lip makeup application is the most painful for most clients, which is why a technician may do the work in conjunction with a doctor or dentist.

Highly Qualified Technician

A qualified, highly skilled technician is the greatest asset in permanent makeup pain management. An experienced technician has a great understanding of the procedures, is up to date on knowledge from the medical community and uses the best and most advanced technology on his or her clients. Experts in the field know the best means of application to reduce pain, discomfort and scarring to a minimal amount.

Prior to advances in the industry the risk and reality of pain was much greater for permanent makeup procedures. Technicians often lacked the proper pain management products and clients would get burned, scratched or would experience uncomfortable swelling. Now with updated technology and an experienced technician, pain and discomfort are controlled greatly. Many permanent makeup clients experience much less pain than they expected and are overwhelmingly happy with the results.

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Only Trust Your Face to the Right Place

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Permanent makeup gives you countless advantages. Number one on the list for many women is the time it will save you during your beauty routine. With permanent eye liner, never again will you have to worry about applying those perfect pencil lines to enhance your eyes – they’ll always be there so you’re ready to go in minutes. Additional permanent makeup enhancements on your lips, eyebrows and more not only save you time getting ready, but can liven up your overall look. Appear younger, healthier and more vibrant with the right permanent makeup.

Choosing the Office

How do you decide which permanent makeup is right for you? The first step comes with the consultation, but even before that you need to make sure you choose the best practitioner. By looking for certain important features in both the permanent makeup artist and in the office itself, you can ensure you’ll get the best care and the clearest and most attractive results.

After all, permanent makeup is made up of a procedure known as “micropigmentation,” or microscopic tattooing of the skin. You need to make sure the practitioner is experienced, has the proper certification and runs an efficient practice.

Things to Look for Before Consultation

There are several features you should check off your list when choosing a permanent makeup practitioner. These include: cleanliness, organization, proper equipment, documents of certification, testimonials from satisfied customers.

  • Cleanliness: The office should be spotless, and the furniture and equipment looking like new. Everything should have a polished edge and nothing should look shabby or run down. You want the best care and attention to detail when your permanent makeup is applied, and that attention to detail should show the minute you walk through the door.
  • Organization: You should not see any evidence of clutter, and everything should be in its place. There should be designated offices, spaces and areas for each step of the process – a reception area, a consultation office and separate rooms where the procedure is completed.
  • Proper equipment: Any reused equipment should be sterilized, but the practitioner should have as many disposable, single-use components as possible. Ask to see the setup in the procedure rooms before your first consultation.
  • Certification: Look for the practitioner’s certificates from permanent makeup training courses. If you don’t see documents or diplomas hanging in the office, ask for the details of the practitioner’s training.
  • Testimonials: Go to the practitioner’s website while you’re doing your research. There should be plenty of testimonials and recommendations from happy customers. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to tell whether you’ll join the list of satisfied customers!

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All About The Eyelashes

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If you weren’t blessed with long eyelashes, there are plenty of cosmetic options to give you the luscious lashes you’ve been dreaming of since you were a teenager. Whether you want more length or volume, there are plenty of permanent makeup options for Scarlett O’Hara-worthy lashes.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions enhance the eyelashes you already have, giving them length and volume. Your esthetician will carefully apply your lashes fiber by fiber using a special glue that will keep your new lashes secure without damaging the natural hairs. Applying a full set of lashes takes about two hours, and you’ll have to have new fibers reapplied every three to four weeks. If you have naturally long lashes but you just want to give them an extra bit of flair, you can go with a half set of lashes for the same effect.

Permanent Liner at the Lash Base

Permanent eyeliner doesn’t just make your eyes pop; it also gives your eyelashes a dramatic enhancement. When eyeliner is applied to the lash line, it makes the eyelashes appear to be darker, fuller, and thicker. If you don’t have the time to get eyelash extensions done once a month, then a permanent liner is a great alternative. To enhance the eyelashes, the eyeliner is only tattooed at the base of the lashes between the rows. There is no line past the last row of lashes, so many people opt for this when they don’t want to look like they’re wearing permanent makeup.


If you’ve battled with thin or very short eyelashes, then Latisse could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Latisse is a specially formulated medication applied to the lashes to encourage hair growth. The liquid is applied every day to the lashes and patients typically start to see results in their lash growth within sixteen weeks or so. Their lashes will become longer, thicker, and more defined in their growth.

You don’t have to stick with expensive mascaras and eyelash curlers to get dramatic lashes. Whether you opt for permanent makeup or choose to go with monthly eyelash extensions, you aren’t stuck with the eyelashes you were born with!

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Permanent Makeup Procedures: What If I Don’t Like The Final Result?

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With today’s technology, we no longer need to rely on cosmetics to redefine our facial appearance. Permanent makeup procedures allow an individual to enhance the features of their face with little effort. These procedures are long-lasting and can provide results that make women and men appear more youthful. From eyebrow shaping to permanent lip color, these cosmetic procedures give men and women a long-lasting way to achieve the look they desire.

Because permanent makeup procedures are essentially tattoos, they are not easily removed. This is why it is imperative that you make informed decisions up front. Research your technician and speak to him or her extensively. Read testimonials and look through magazines to find looks that you desire. Choose a technician who honors your requests but also provides useful information to help you make a decision. Avoid choosing colors that do not go well with your skin tone, as this could later lead to regrets about the procedure. Do not proceed until you are fully committed to the procedure and the look you chose.

After your procedure, you might notice that it doesn’t look quite like you had pictured. There are several reasons this might happen. First and foremost, colors tend to appear darker immediately after the procedure. As time goes on, the color begins to soften up. Lip color may take up to six weeks until the true color is reflected, whereas eyebrow color tends to show the true color in as little as a week. Once the area is completely healed, you can better judge the final result (healing times are different for different procedures). You should also take a couple of weeks to try to adjust to the look.

If you do decide, however, that you want the procedure changed, there are some options available. For example, if you feel that eyebrows are too sparse, a touch-up will be able to fill in any areas that need extra color. If your lip color is too light, you can have it darkened with an additional procedure. Lightening areas is not nearly as easy as adding more color, which is why it is crucial that you’re sure about the procedure prior to moving forward.

As long as you conduct proper research, find a well-trained technician, and choose a look that suits your skin tone, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful, redefined face with a permanent makeup procedure.

If you’re interested in learning more and getting started, contact Sally Hayes today to schedule your consultation.

Stop Fighting with Your Makeup and Switch to Permanent Makeup

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Whether you’re a high-powered executive or a stay-at-home mom, it’s likely that your days are rushed and your schedule is full. Even with all the day-to-day demands on your time, you’re also expected to present a beautiful face to the world. If you’re tired of fussing with makeup but don’t want to go without, permanent makeup may be just the solution for you.

What is Permanent Makeup?

To describe it simply, permanent makeup is cosmetic tattooing. However, it’s nowhere near as crisply lined and severe as ornamental tattoos people place elsewhere on the body. The tattoo is applied to mimic the soft, natural look of light makeup. Permanent makeup is indistinguishable from applied makeup in person and in photographs.

Problems That Can Be Overcome with Permanent Makeup

There are a wide range of reasons to consider having your makeup applied permanently. Some reasons include:

  • Allergy sufferers love permanent makeup. Whether you’re allergic to makeup itself or your allergies cause your eyes to water and makeup to run, having it applied permanently can solve the problem.
  • Women with busy schedules benefit. Just think, if it takes you even ten minutes a day to apply your makeup, you’re spending over an hour each week. After a year, an entire day of your life has been spent just applying makeup! Not to mention all the time spent on purchasing it and cleaning it off each night.
  • Facial scars no longer show. If you have facial scars, camouflaging them with makeup can be a big boost to your confidence. By having permanent makeup hiding your scars, you won’t need to fear the pool or people catching you without your makeup on.
  • Contact lens wearers gain enormous benefits. Most people put their lenses in and then apply their makeup, as attempting this in reverse can introduce flecks of makeup under the lens. Unfortunately, this makes taking lenses out with makeup applied a problem! With permanent makeup, you’ll never need to flush makeup off your lenses or struggle to fish out a lens without smearing your makeup.

Permanent makeup is a great solution for anyone who always wants to look their best without struggling with makeup every day. If you’re interested in this procedure, call or contact us online for a consultation and find out how we can help you today.

Questions to ask yourself before deciding on Permanent Makeup

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Permanent makeup may seem like the answer to your dreams. Just imagine being able to leave the house with a consistently beautiful, made up face every morning without needing to spend time in front of the mirror or all that money on cosmetics. Before you decide to take the plunge and get your eyebrows, eyeliner or lips done permanently, there are a few questions you should ask the person who will do the work.

Are you certified, experienced and recommended?

While the permanent makeup industry is not regulated, there are classes and certifications that indicate the provider has knowledge about the best practice and health concerns surrounding this procedure. Ask them what school they attended and if they achieved certification in micro-pigmentation, makeup artistry, blood-borne pathogens and have been okayed by the local health department.

Experience is just as important as education. Only trust your face to someone who has successfully completed many permanent makeup applications. They should be eager and willing to show you before and after pictures and even put you in contact with former clients. Your best bet may be to find a permanent makeup artist used by your friends or family or highly recommended on independent review sites on the internet.

What should I expect from the permanent makeup procedure?

The journey to getting permanent makeup on your face begins before the day the makeup is actually applied. You should have a meeting with the technician prior to the procedure being done to make sure they understand exactly what you want and do not want. Colors will be chosen and shapes finalized.

After that is completed, all blood thinning and counter indicative medications are stopped and payment is arranged, you will then be ready to have your permanent makeup completed.

A numbing agent is used for the procedure to maximize your comfort. The actual application of the permanent eyebrows, eyeliner or lip color is completed over 2 to 4 visits. This allows for greater options and mistakes corrections before your eyebrow ends up too thick or the lip color not appropriate for your skin tone.

How do I get started?

After you’ve decided on the permanent makeup procedure or procedures you want to receive contact an experienced permanent makeup artist, such as Sally Hayes.

Cosmetic Tattoos: Will My Eyebrows Look Natural?

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Whether you realize it or not, your eyebrows define your face. The eyebrows work in conjunction with the eyes to help an individual express happiness, flirtation, sadness, and concern. Without eyebrows, your face would appear expressionless and flat.

To get an idea of how important your eyebrows are, cover them up with foundation and then take a quick glance in the mirror. It truly is remarkable how important our eyebrows are to our overall appearance. In fact, numerous studies have been conducted which show that people are able to identify others based on their eyebrows almost as often as their eyes.

Changing the color, shape, and thickness of your eyebrows can revamp your entire facial appearance. For thousands of years, women all over the world recognized this, and have practiced various methods of eyebrow shaping. Through tweezing, shaving, waxing, and threading, women have changed their eyebrows to appear more feminine and youthful. Today, however, we have more permanent options available.

Eyebrow Tattooing

Achieving the perfect size, shape, and color of eyebrows is as easy as scheduling a permanent makeup procedure. This procedure, also known as micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing, lasts longer than any other eyebrow shaping method and can redefine your entire facial appearance. With permanent eyebrow makeup, you can achieve the look that you desire without ever again having to pick up an eyebrow pencil.

Will my eyebrows look natural?

After the eyebrows have healed, they will look totally natural.

The eyebrow tattooing healing time takes longer than other permanent makeup procedures. After about the first few days, it will look as though you drew your eyebrows on with a pencil. By days four and five, the area begins to peel, just like a tattoo. After about a week, the eyebrows will be complete, aside from a short follow-up procedure to touch up any areas that need it. This touch-up appointment is quick and easy.

Once all of the healing is complete, your eyebrows will appear completely natural. You will never again need to pick up tweezers, eyebrow pencils, or eyebrow shadow because your brows will be the perfect shape. The “tattoo” mimics the tiny hairs of natural eyebrows, leaving you with a face that is feminine and youthful.

Stop wasting time and money on cosmetics and seek out a more permanent option. Showcase your natural beauty by redefining your eyebrows with a permanent eyebrow procedure. Contact Sally Hayes today to get started!

The Joys of Permanent Lip Color

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If you love it when your makeup looks perfectly on point but get frustrated because your lipstick tends to fade easily throughout the day, then permanent lip treatments may just make a superb choice for you. When people receive permanent lip makeup treatments, they not only don’t have to worry about color fading but they also don’t have to worry about unsightly smearing and smudging. If you don’t like feeling embarrassed when your bright red lipstick gets on your teeth, then permanent makeup may just be exactly what you need in your life.

There are numerous benefits associated with permanent lip treatments. If your lipstick tends to bleed noticeably and go beyond the borders of your mouth, permanent treatments can provide you with a neat and tidy lipstick look that doesn’t require any effort on your part at all. If you have a busy and hectic life and don’t have time to constantly go to the bathroom mirror to apply a fresh new coating of color onto your lips, permanent lip treatments can save you a lot of precious time and energy.

Some people appreciate permanent lip color because it makes their lips appear markedly more pronounced and defined. People who wish to achieve more glamorous and prominent lips often turn to these treatments.

Permanent lip color is oftentimes even beneficial for people who are worried that their lips have lost their natural and beautiful coloration with the passing of time. If your lips used to be a healthy pinkish color but now seem to be considerably paler than before, then you may be a good candidate for permanent lipstick.

If you go to an experienced and reputable professional, permanent lip color is a totally safe practice. It functions by delivering cosmetic pigmentation into the skin’s dermal layer. Permanent lip color isn’t the only commonly available permanent makeup solution. Some people get permanent eyeliner that prevents them from ever having to apply eyeliner around their eyes, for example.

If you want to take control of your beauty and feelings of self-confidence, then permanent lip color may be able to help you do so. If you believe that getting permanent makeup on your lips is the path you need to take, it’s a smart idea to have a consultation with a professional beforehand about the exact color you want applied onto your lips. It’s also extremely smart to discuss another key factor of permanent lip color — the specific shape of the color application you want, too. Since these treatments are indeed permanent, people should make sure they’re 100 percent confident in all of the choices they make beforehand. The more prepared you are, the more successful your outcome will likely be.

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Permanent Makeup Isn’t Just For Those Who Wear A Lot Of Makeup

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Permanent makeup is starting to grow in popularity. Contrary to popular belief, permanent makeup is not just for people who wear a lot of makeup. There are a number of other benefits that people can benefit from wearing permanent makeup. Below is a list of some of those benefits:

Ideal For People Who Have Allergies

Some people are allergic to cosmetics. Permanent makeup is a great choice for people who cannot wear cosmetics because of allergies. Additionally, permanent makeup is great for people who have trouble applying makeup due to conditions like arthritis or multiple sclerosis.

Save Time

Applying makeup can be very time-consuming. It is estimated that the average woman spends 55 minutes on her beauty routine. A large percentage of this time is spent applying makeup. One study showed that the women spend 14.5 minutes on their makeup routine on the weekdays, and they spend 24 minutes on their makeup routine on the weekends.

Most people have very busy lives and are trying to get out of the house as soon as possible. Permanent makeup can help people save a lot of time. If applying makeup is taking up a lot of your time, then you will be able to get up later and leave the house earlier if you have permanent makeup.

Makeup Will Look Great All Of The Time

If you have permanent makeup, then you will not have to worry about your makeup fading or smudging. You will also not have to worry about it coming off after you take a shower or work out.

Your makeup will look great all of the time. Additionally, you will not have to worry about whether your makeup has been applied correctly.

Hide Imperfections

Many people feel self-conscious because they have scars and burns. Permanent makeup can conceal those imperfections. Many people also get permanent makeup after they get reconstructive surgery. Permanent makeup is a great option for people who suffer from vitiligo. Vitiligo is a condition that causes a person to develop white patches on the skin due to pigmentation loss.

Furthermore, permanent makeup can help improve your confidence. Contact Sally Hayes and you will wake up looking and feeling beautiful every morning.

Post-Surgical Areola Tattooing by Sally Hayes

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The world of technology is advancing, and with that, comes major changes in the surgical and medical field as well. Plenty of women are undergoing surgical procedures to their breasts. Some of them need to get the surgeries done for medical purposes, and others choose to do so for aesthetic reasons.  Although they may be content with the look of their breasts after the surgery that is not always the case when it comes to the areola.

Reasons for Breast Surgery

A variety of stimuli causes women to have to undergo breast surgery. For example, some women decide to have their breasts removed as a preventative measure for breast cancer. Others are diagnosed with breast cancer, and they must obtain a mastectomy as a way to tackle the cancer. Some women have both breasts removed, and others just have one removed. After this procedure, women may opt to have breast reconstruction surgery. Other women decide that they want to have larger breasts, so they opt for an aesthetic surgery that allows them to do so. Still other ladies feel that their breasts are too heavy for their bodies and are causing excessive weight on their backs, so they have them reduced. Reductions can happen for medical purposes.

Areola Changes

No matter how much preparation women put into their surgeries and no matter what they think the results may look like, they may find that they are unhappy with their areola after a particular surgery. They may find that the cutting involved with the surgery significantly altered the way that their areola look, and they would prefer to have this part of their body look more natural. The areola is the darker part of the breast that is immediately surrounding the nipple. Also, when women have breast procedures done for medical purposes, they may allow aesthetics to fall to the wayside a bit in favor of retaining their health.

No Surgery Completed

Other women have not experienced any type of surgery, but they are unhappy with the way that their areola looks. For example, they may think that their areola are too large or too small, or they may not like the way that they frame the nipple. Other women may experience annoyance with the color of their areola. Still others feel that their two areola do not match, and they want them to look the same. Even though they have no undergone any types of surgical procedures in the past, they still want to get tattooing done so that their breasts can look the way that they want them to appear. Also, women may find that their areola do not appear as they once did. If that is the case, they should consult with a doctor before they opt for any type of tattooing treatment to see if a medical problem lies at the center.

Tattooing Specifically for Areola

Some women feel as though they want to go back in for another procedure to correct their areola or to make them appear the way that they have always wanted. Some women may decide to opt for additional medical procedures, but taking the situation to that level is not always needed. Instead of going under the knife yet again, women can choose to have tattooing procedures to reinvent their areola. They need to make sure that they are choosing a professional in the field. They are opting to have tattooing done on a sensitive part of their bodies. Therefore, they want to ensure that they are working with an expert who has experience doing these types of procedures before. Individuals can select from one of three options.

Scar Camouflage

Perhaps it is not the actual appearance of your areola that you are unhappy with, but rather you are displeased with scars that formed around or near them. Once you had surgery, you may have been happier than ever with the appearance of your breasts, but you did notice that an array of scars had formed. Even if you just have small scars, they can be enough to affect your self-confidence and how happy you are in your physical appearance. Choosing a scar camouflage procedure means that those scars will vanish for good.

Altering the Areola

Maybe you do not like the size of your areola, and you are wondering how that issue could ever see a resolution. With tattoo procedures, that is more than a possibility. Instead of opting for a surgical treatment, the tattoo artist can use clever blending techniques to make your areola appear the size that you want. Also, your areola may not be a color that is pleasing to you. Sometimes, women experience discoloration of the areola after they breastfeed. Whether the color has changed or you have never liked it, you can opt to get tattooing done to change it.

Nipple-Areola Complex Simulation

Perhaps you feel as though your areola are not visible or that they are barely so. When that is the case, you can go for tattooing to create the appearance of these structures that help you to feel like a women. When you opt for tattooing over surgery, you do not have to undergo the procedure of nipple-button creation. Instead, you can opt for a treatment procedure that is going to make you feel more like woman you always wanted to be in just a short period of time.

Preparing for Areola Tattooing

When you have decided that areola tattooing is a procedure that you may want performed; you should schedule a time to talk with both your doctor and your surgeon. If you had surgery, you want to make sure that your breasts are healed enough to have tattoos put on them. Also, after a mastectomy, you may be undergoing certain treatments for your condition that preclude you from having a tattoo done at this particular time. Also, you should speak to your doctor if you are currently breastfeeding or are planning to do so. You need to make sure that treatment is safe above all else.

Consider the Costs

Now that you know about the options that are available for you, you may still need a little bit more encouragement to actually take the leap and have the tattoo procedure completed. You may say that you really liked your surgeon and that you are wondering if a surgical procedure is better. Remember, your insurance may not cover the procedure, so you could end up having to pay for the full cost of the surgery out-of-pocket. Opting for the tattoo instead will likely prove the more cost-effective option for you.

Preparation Time

If you are still considering going for a surgery instead, consider the amount of time that you need to prepare for a surgery. You generally need to arrive at the hospital a decent amount of time for any preparation work. Also, the surgery could get delayed. You may end up having to wait hours at the hospital simply for the surgery to begin. You may also need to follow other instructions. You should call to schedule an appointment with the tattoo parlor, and you should let the specialist know the type of tattoo you are planning to have done. However, the process is otherwise relatively easy.

Recovery and Results Time

Chances are, when you are concerned about having to spend too much time at the hospital at the beginning of the day, you do not want to have an extended recovery period either. With surgery, you could end up experiencing soreness for weeks. The exact recovery time would, of course, depend upon the specific surgical plan that your doctor has mapped out. A tattoo is not a procedure without a recovery time, but it is generally not as drastic as surgery. Not only do you get to recover more quickly, but you see faster results.

Your New You

Once you undergo surgery, you likely cannot see the results once away. Of course, tattoos, especially on a sensitive area of the body, can result in redness, and you may not have a full picture of what your new areola look like immediately after the procedure. Still though, you can gain a good sense. Also, you will not need to wait as long to see the results as you would with surgery. Within a shorter period of time, you can have the body that you have always wanted.

Feeling More Confident

While some women are deciding if they want to choose surgery or a tattoo, others are deciding if they want to have changes made to their areola at all. They may feel as though the procedure is in vain, but they should also think about what this change could mean for their self confidence. Most people have at least an issue or two with their bodies, and some of these problems can weigh heavily on their minds. Instead of spending the rest of your life thinking about the issues with your areola, you can simply have the matter resolved.

Exuding Your Femininity

Even if you are not terribly displeased with the appearance of your areola, the way that they look might like you feel like less of a women. While you do not need to conform to anyone’s definition of what a women is aside from your own, you may not feel that you meet your own definition with the way that your areola currently look. Having a sense of your own femininity is important, and that is particularly true in an age when society embraces people coming up with their own ideas of what gender means. You can exude your own definition when you choose this procedure.

Light in a Dark Time

Perhaps you needed to have surgery done on your breasts because of a disease or condition. For a variety of reasons, this surgery may have left you feeling emotionally or mentally scarred. Of course, you need to wait until it is safe to do so according to your doctor, but simply knowing that the possibility of areola tattooing exists can be enough to give you that extra burst of energy that you need. Even though you are enduring challenges with your physical appearance now, you can look to the future for hope.

Freedom in Clothing

Right now, you may feel as though you need to constantly cover up your areola. For example, you may always wear dark bras because you do not want anyone to see the darkened areola that you have. Also, you may feel as though you cannot wear light shirts because you think that your areola is visible. As a result, you are constantly worrying about your appearance, and you may even have to pass up some clothes that you would otherwise love to wear. Once you have these tattoos done, you can feel more liberated when it comes to your wardrobe.

Preparing for the Pain

If you have ever had a tattoo before, you probably know that it is not an entirely painless procedure. On the other hand, when this time will be your first getting a tattoo, you may have a lot of anxiety built up over whether or not it is going to hurt. The answer is yes, the procedure probably will hurt, especially because the work is being done on a sensitive area of your body. That does not mean it has to come with tremendous pain. Some people say that they just feel mild discomfort when they get tattoos, and others feel more. You can talk with other people who have had the procedure before to see what it felt like for them. On top of that, you should speak with your tattoo artist to find out if you can do anything to numb the pain.

Whether you have undergone surgery or you have just spent your life unhappy with the way that your areola look, you are likely going to be pleased that you now have a way to tackle this part of your body that has always troubled you.

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