Types of Permanent Eyebrow Techniques

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Eyebrows can dramatically affect the overall look of your facial features. They accentuate your eyes and help shape your entire face. Shape, color, and even texture are all part of how our eyebrows look and define our eyes. Due to naturally sparse eyebrows, thinning out because of over-plucking, or because of scarring or disease, many people are dissatisfied with their eyebrows. There are several options available if your eyebrows are not flattering your face as well as they could. The following information discusses the benefits of permanent eyebrows and the preliminary steps that should be taken before starting the procedure.

Benefits of Permanent Eyebrows

The benefits of permanent makeup include money saved by not having to buy as many different cosmetics on a regular basis. Another savings that should be taken into account is the time saved each day not having to apply makeup. In this case, the time it would take to pencil in and color the eyebrows each day can be considerable. Some older women with shaky hands or anyone with health issues that may hinder them from performing delicate hand strokes when applying makeup would benefit from permanent makeup.

Consulting With a Professional

An eyebrow specialist needs to examine your current eyebrows, the general health of your skin, and the growth pattern of any hair that is already there. Each individual should consult with a professional eyebrow artist before undergoing any type of procedure. What will work best for each individual and what would be considered a realistic outcome will vary from person to person. Sometimes professionals will use a numbing cream before doing any work in the eyebrow area. While this will help dull and lessen the pain of most procedures, it is unrealistic to expect every procedure to be completely pain free. This is just one example of what you will need to discuss before deciding upon and undergoing any of the many techniques used for permanent eyebrows.

Understanding Terminology

There are several terms used for the methods involved to design and create beautiful eyebrows.  Permanent makeup or permanent cosmetics are called micropigmentation or dermapigmentation. Techniques vary dependent on the cosmetic artist doing the work and the individual needs and desires of the client. While tattooing and permanent makeup are similar, there are differences. One primary difference is that pigments are used when applying permanent makeup while thicker ink is used for tattooing.

Machines and Methods Used For Permanent Eyebrows

Using a manual hand procedure may give a more natural look that has a feathery appearance. The artist can control all the power with a manual machine sometimes referred to as the soft tap technique for permanent eyebrows. The soft tap method often uses a pigment that is thicker than regular cosmetic ink or pigments. Simply filling in with color is often accomplished by using a rotary machine. This gives a solid, dramatic look that is highly defined. This procedure will leave your eyebrows the darkest and will often last the longest. It is not, however, as natural looking as other methods. Other machines used can range from basic tattoo guns to digital machines that are lightweight. A traditional tattoo machine, which is sometimes called a coil, moves needles up and down quickly. This method is primarily designed for body tattoos but can be used when applying permanent makeup.

Powder Filled Eyebrows

This is the least invasive and may be the ideal procedure for those who still have a fair amount of hair in the eyebrows. It may also be a good choice for those who might have lost hair in one spot due to a scar or some type of accident. A soft powdery color that matches your natural hair color can be used to fill in sparse areas in the eyebrows. A powder filled technique is used as opposed to hair strokes since the person already has eyebrow hair and often an overall eyebrow shape that is already in place. This is often best for those who want to fill in, shape, or enhance what is already there.

Sometimes different techniques are combined when designing the eyebrows. The hair stroke simulation method may sometimes be used and then powder fill used to match the client’s hair color. In this case, the powder fill method is used in addition to a hair stroke or feathering method. The soft fill technique is similar to a powder fill. The primary difference is that the entire brow area is filled in with pigment instead of just in various places.

Hair Stroke Eyebrows

This method is also referred to as hair simulation or sometimes feathering. This gives the eyebrows a natural, feathered look. It is a more natural look than a solid or soft fill because the eyebrow looks like many little hairs instead of one solid color. However, hair strokes alone without any background color will likely need more touch ups. The hair stroke method is often combined with other techniques such as a powder fill or more extensive feathering. While different technicians will use a variety of techniques, the procedures generally follow the same basic steps:

Most often, you are told not to shave or pluck anything before coming in to have the procedure done. It will be determined which hairs to keep and which need to be removed after the shape of the eyebrow is decided upon. To begin the actual process, the professional technician will start with a sketch that compliments your eyes and the entire shape of your face. This sketching process is checked and gone over several times to make sure it is the exact look you want. Don’t be afraid to ask the professional to alter the design if it’s not what you want. Whatever natural hair you have will be left within the area of the new shape of your eyebrows. Finally, the color is chosen. When using the hair stroke method, multiple colors are usually used together. A combination of colors gives the most natural look.
Then the eyebrows will likely be numbed using a solution. You can watch the entire process in a mirror. The eyebrows usually appear darker right after the procedure is completed. Within a few days the eyebrow will lighten up a shade or two. An artist who is accomplished at his or her craft will be able to create a feathered look that is both natural and beautiful. Usually a follow up appointment will be scheduled approximately three weeks after the initial procedure is completed. This is where the finishing touches are added, such as a second layer of color.

Feathering Techniques

The hair stroke and feathering techniques are sometimes confused. The difference is that feathering is usually a combination of the hair stroke technique and shading methods. The hair strokes are closer together to give a dimensional, shaded look. Make sure to discuss this method with your professional makeup artist. This method sometimes works better with certain skin types. This is the most natural looking style of permanent eyebrows.

Partial Fill

This method is similar to the powder filled technique. While the powdered look is often used to create color under your natural hair and can be used in just certain areas of the brows, the partial fill is basically what the name implies. The technique is often done for men or women who have missing hair in certain areas, possibly due to scarring. People using this method would normally not need their entire eyebrow filled in or changed.

Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Procedures

For those who aren’t sure they want to have the same look for a long period of time, a semi-permanent method for the eyebrows may be the best option. The main difference between a permanent eyebrow method and semi-permanent method is how deep into the skin the color penetrates. The skin basically has three layers. The upper layer is the epidermis. The second layer is the dermis, followed by the hypodermis. Permanent makeup penetrates into the second layer of the dermis and sometimes even slightly into the third layer. Semi-permanent makeup would only penetrate the top layer and sometimes slightly into the dermis. How long semi-permanent makeup lasts will vary depending upon each individual procedure. Most estimates put the length at between one and three years. Some professionals suggest getting a touch up at 18 months since fading may begin around this time.

What to Expect After the Process is Complete

As soon as the process is complete the color will appear a little bit darker than what is expected. It will take a few weeks to heal completely. By the third week the color should have lightened to the expected color. You might be advised not to go swimming during these weeks of healing to make sure the color sets in completely. If any touch ups are needed they will usually be done a month or two after the initial procedure.

Finally, make sure a trained professional does your procedure, a professional with experience performing the method that you choose. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. When finished, you can enjoy your beautiful, natural looking eyebrows for years to come!

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Common Permanent Makeup Mistakes

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Waking up in the morning and not having to go through a rigorous and lengthy makeup routine is a dream of many women. Whether it was years ago or more recently when you underwent a permanent makeup routine, if you are unhappy with the results, there is hope.

Unnatural Eyebrows

Perfecting their eyebrows is a task that many women have struggled with for years, so they turn to permanent makeup in hopes that they will never have to deal with this issue again. However, drawn-on eyebrows can look unnatural if they are not done correctly. They might be too harsh or the wrong color; in fact, they might turn out not matching with your hair shade at all. Makeup artists may also craft them in a way that draws too much attention to that area of the face. Eyebrows are challenging as hair has a texture that is difficult to emulate.

Uneven Eyeliner

When it comes to their eyeliner, many women opt for a dark shade like black, so mistakes are extremely noticeable and not easy to cover up when it goes awry. Eyeliner might be uneven on the top lids, lower lids or inner lids. It may even extend more to one side than it does to the other.

Fading Color

While some permanent makeup may fade naturally over time, you still paid for a service and expect the results to have a decent amount of lasting power. One major mistake is using methods, techniques and equipment that do not allow the makeup to last very long. This situation is problematic because the results are not what you expected, but it can have an aesthetic effect as well. For example, if the color fades on one side of your face but not the other, you can have a difficult time making them match with your own home makeup techniques.

Lipstick Colors

Imagine having to walk around the rest of your life with your lips a color you do not like. Adding color to your lips can be risky because if the shade is not exactly what you had in-mind, then you are stuck with these lips until you can get them fixed. Having this permanent makeup problem repaired can mean that you opt for a more subtle shade in the future or you work with a professional who delivers the exact colors that he or she promises as opposed to a shade that is just “in the family.”

Off-Target Lipliner

Not only is living with a terrible lipstick color a fashion faux-pas, but so is having lip liner on that was done incorrectly. As with lipstick, the color might not be what was advertised. An even larger problem emerges when the lipliner is put on crooked. This could mean that you have a little bit of color going above your lip, dipping below your lip or veering off toward your cheek on the side. This mistake is a major one because it can make you look like a clown in a circus.

Covering Scars and Marks: Great When Done Correctly

Women who have dealt with acne scars and other marks on their skin for years are thrilled when they hear that they can have these problems permanently covered up. However, when the permanent covering process does not go so well, they could be left with an even bigger problem. You might have received treatment for an old scar, and now, you are realizing that the cover-up does not match with the rest of your skin. This is akin to wearing foundation that doesn’t match except you cannot just wipe it off and put on a new coat.

Dealing with any of these aggravating permanent makeup mistakes is a hassle. You spent money on a procedure and wanted a certain output. Fortunately, when you opt for a better permanent makeup artist to fix the mistakes, you can finally have the look that you wanted. Obtaining that desired look requires more than just a little bit of luck. You’ve already been burned by one permanent makeup artist and don’t want to see it happen again. Fortunately, by knowing what to look for, you can get the style that you want.


Permanent makeup can be confusing when it comes to certifications, because people can have backgrounds in somewhat different areas. Furthermore, permanent makeup artists should have licenses, but the exact requirements vary by state. There is not a federal ruling on this issue. Therefore, you should look for the requirements of your state, but browse through the requirements for other states, as well. Doing so can help you to get a sense of what you are comfortable with, and you may find that you want to work with an artist who has additional certifications.

The Artist’s Experience in The Field

A person could have all of the certifications in the world, but he or she might not have a lot of practical experience in the field. Research how much experience the individual has actually working in the field of permanent makeup; you might even want to speak to some past clients to get a better sense of the individual’s history. Not only do you want to work with an individual who has experience with permanent makeup, but also you want to hire someone who has worked with the specific procedure that you want.

A Clean Office Space

That’s right; you want to ensure that the practitioner is actually working out of an office. While an office can just act as a facade, it does give more of an impression of professionalism than does a room in someone’s house. Do not have any qualms about checking out the office area for cleanliness. You want to make sure that the office has any necessary certificates from the Department of Health. Furthermore, be certain that all of the materials are properly disposed of and that equipment is not reused from client to client.

The Vibe of The Office

The office definitely needs to be clean, but you also have to get a sense of how well run it is. Scheduling an appointment to check out the establishment should not be a problem for any reputable permanent makeup artist who is genuinely interested in working with you. Look to see whom else is working in the space. If it is a shared space, you do not want to book an appointment if the other person is violating health codes. The makeup artist should also be willing to provide samples of his or her work, and they should be readily available.

Reviewing The Portfolio

Going through all of the past work very carefully is important so that you can see what the results actually look like. Even though images are available online, many people prefer an old-fashioned hardcopy book to peruse. As you are browsing through, pay specific attention to the type of procedure you want to have done, and look for signs that the same problem you had earlier might manifest again.

Your Comfort Level

Although the word permanent has taken on a new definition in the 21st century, you are still making a long-term commitment. Having permanent makeup repaired and replaced on a regular basis is going to make a substantial dent in your bank account. Therefore, you need to be comfortable with the establishment, but also with the makeup artist. You must feel as though you can completely and thoroughly articulate your requests and let him or her know if something is not going as planned. Otherwise, you could end up back in the same situation.

Choosing the right permanent makeup artist is of utmost importance for your comfort level, but also for your health. Failure to work with an experienced and cultivated makeup artist could leave you with a bad permanent make-up job or with a serious infection. As a result, ensuring that the individual has been in the field for some time is of utmost importance. Yet getting a thorough view of how long someone has been in business is a little tricky unless you trust the individual 100 percent.

Look at Certification and Licensing Years

Paying close attention to these documents can help you to determine how long the permanent makeup artist has been in the field. While no magic number exists, working with someone who has been in the field for at least five years or so often gives potential customers the greatest amount of confidence. Remember, the person could have been certified or licensed and then practiced a different job for some time. You will know that the individual had some experience as far back as the licensing or certification date, but you will also probably want to account for any gaps in work history.

Professional Affiliations

You can also get a better sense of the experience the permanent makeup artist has by looking into other certifications and accomplishments. For example, many permanent makeup artists have a background in the medical field, and working with one of these individuals is smart for your health. The permanent makeup artist also might have taken a test offered by the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals or the American Academy of Micro-pigmentation. Knowing if the test was taken and passed helps to craft a stronger scope of the individual’s experience.

Trace Health Board Certifications

To get an idea of how long the person has been in practice, you can try to trace health board certifications. As mentioned earlier, checking to ensure that the practice is up-to-date with the area Department of Health is wise for your own safety. Look to see how far back the certificates go. You can also call the Department of Health to find out if information is available about this establishment. Knowing that you have solid evidence from the Department of Health can help to give you greater peace of mind.

Review Social Media Sites

In a world where having an Internet presence is so important for businesses, many different types of companies also run social media sites. Look to see if the permanent makeup artist you want to hire runs a professional Facebook or Twitter account. You can literally scroll through the Facebook timeline to find out important information from the past. Although the Internet can be deceiving at times, you do have the ability to go back years into the past and to see what types of comments and feedback were left on the businesses page. If, for example, you see comments from happy customers dating back to 2008, you can be reasonably assured that the makeup artist was practicing then.

Ask for Both Recent and Past Reviews

Talking to people who have actually used the services of this permanent makeup artist before can be one of the best ways to get a better sense of who he or she is. Furthermore, tracing back through old clients lets you see that the makeup artist has been in business for as long as advertised. You may even ask for references from past colleagues of the makeup artist’s.

Reviewing all of these elements helps you to paint an accurate portrait of the makeup artist and to feel a sense of relief that you’re working with a seasoned professional. By doing all of your research this time around, the permanent makeup that you want can become yours, and you can avoid any mistakes that force you to dread looking in the mirror every morning.

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You Get What You Pay For

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Many people who are considering having a permanent cosmetic procedure don’t take into account the cost of it. It is somewhat expensive. Below are a few reasons why it is worth it to go to a professional, why you should not go to someone who is not trained in the art and how the cost of buying makeup can add up to more than the cost of the procedure.

A permanent makeup procedure can be costly. Just like any type of tattoo session, you are paying for the time and the professionalism of the permanent makeup artist. You are paying for the experience that you are getting when it comes to the makeup being permanently applied. As with many things in life, you get what you pay for and you want to make sure that you are paying the right price in relation to what you are having put on your body.

Many times, people will gravitate toward the belief that getting the best deal possible is the best way to get a service performed. When it comes to tattoos and cosmetic tattoos, getting the best deal will likely result in getting a cheap piece of work. It is always best to pay more for something and get a higher quality piece of work, especially when that piece of work is going to be permanently on your body (most likely on your face or other important parts) for the rest of your life.

When you choose to have a permanent cosmetic procedure performed, it is important that you see a professional. Choosing a novice over a professional can result in getting unsatisfactory results, getting a communicable disease or getting an infection after the procedure has been performed. A professional will be sure to follow the health procedures and the directions specifically given. A professional will understand both the rules for makeup application, as well as the rules for tattooing procedures.


While there are many instances of botched tattoos and tattoos that did not turn out the way that the client wanted them to, there are fewer instances of it happening with permanent cosmetics. This could be due to the fact that the procedure has only recently grown in popularity and there are many reputable tattoo artists who will not perform the procedure. Perhaps one of the most famous cases of a botched permanent cosmetic job comes from a woman in California. This woman, who still remains to be named due to privacy reasons, wanted a few simple things in the form of permanently applied makeup. Not knowing very much about the makeup, about how much a tattoo should cost in the first place or even where to find an artist, she visited a small tattoo shop in the center of her downtown. She went in to find out if they did permanent applications of makeup. The head of the shop, looking to make a quick buck, said yes and offered her a price that was much lower than it should have been. She signed the release, took a deep breath and sat down to have her new lip liner and eyebrows tattooed on. She walked out of the tattoo shop with one very large eyebrow and one that stretched almost to her hairline. She also had lip liner that was very uneven and, due to the lack of professionalism by the tattoo artist, it began to spread out to areas around her mouth. Since tattoos on the face are nearly impossible to have removed, this California woman has spent hundreds more than she would have in the first place to have the botched cosmetic job covered up for good… although she will never look as good as she could have if she had visited a professional permanent makeup artist.

There are many possible outcomes when it comes to your permanent cosmetics, but you will generally get the best outcome possible when you visit a reputable and professional artist. You will be able to tell them exactly what you want and they will be able to tailor their specific skills to all of your needs. This will ensure that you get the best outcome and that you will not have to worry about having a botched job like the California woman who was in the preceding story and visited an illegitimate shop.

Permanent make-up artists are not only tattoo artists, but they are also skilled artisans when it comes to professionally applying makeup and understanding the way that different colors, tones and shades work with different types and colors of skin. There are many possible outcomes when it comes to your permanent cosmetics. You will generally get the best outcome possible when visiting a reputable and professional artist. You will be able to tell them what you want and they will be able to tailor their specific skills to your needs. This will ensure that you get the best outcome.


In one single year, women throughout the United States spend millions of dollars on the makeup that they purchase. Due to inflation and increased pressure to be the hottest, youngest woman out there, makeup sales are continuing to rise. While the cost of a permanent cosmetic application can seem like a big cost for you, it is a one time, single, up front cost. It will often pay for itself in a few years at the most when you do not have to continually buy eyebrow kits, eyeliner, lip liner, lip stick and concealing or age reducing products.

When you visit a professional cosmetic tattoo artist, it is important that you know everything you can about them. Make sure that they have extensive experience in the field and are not just starting out. Consider asking for a portfolio or examples of work they have done in the past that is similar to the work you are requesting.
Choosing what type of makeup procedure you want permanently applied to your face is dependent on what you want, what you feel will make you look better and what will help boost the confidence that you have in yourself. There are a few procedures you can choose from when it comes to permanent cosmetics:

These are the most popular options you can choose from, but your permanent cosmetic professional may be able to tailor a permanent application that fits your specific needs and lifestyle. It is important to remember that while the options are limitless (yes, you can have yellow eyeliner tattooed on or your lips permanently colored blue), they are permanent and many colors are difficult to cover up and nearly impossible to remove.

Anyone that has undergone a permanent cosmetic tattooing procedure will tell you that there are many benefits to it. The most popular benefits that people who have been tattooed are among these. They no longer have to buy makeup staples, they do not have to worry about “putting on their face” before leaving the home. They feel more confident in the way they look. They have a younger and more youthful appearance. Most people also mention that there was hardly any pain during the procedure and what they felt was more like a tickling or a scratching feeling throughout the tattoo process.

During the procedure and application, it is important that you stay in the position that your artist has put you in and that you try not to move too much. You must also follow the after care instructions they have given you. Doing this will not only ensure that you do not get sick or have an infection as a result of the procedure, but you will also be able to have a more beautiful and lasting makeup application as the result.
Choosing to have makeup permanently applied to your face is a great way to make your life more convenient, increase your self-confidence and have something that will last forever. While the cost of a permanent application may seem very expensive, it is worth it for those thinking about undergoing the procedure. Anyone considering permanent cosmetics should make a consultation appointment today.

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Lips, Eyes, and Lies

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One of the best ways to make a lasting impression with your face is with permanent makeup. The looks that you can achieve with permanent makeup are nearly endless and will allow you to get the look you are hoping to achieve. When choosing the application with the permanent makeup artist Sally Hayes, you will know that you are getting a great service. You are going to have great results, and your face will look wonderfully different.

When you are aging, your lips are one of the first things to tell your age. Along with skin, they will be “the first to go” and will begin looking older more quickly. Having a permanent cosmetic procedure performed on your lips is a great way to keep them looking younger and healthier. You will have more attractive lips without the need for constant application of your favorite color lipstick.

Permanent lip makeup can be applied for a variety of different reasons. It can enhance a part of the lips, down play a part of the lips that you may not like and can help achieve a specific color.  It is also a great procedure for women who have thinner lips and women who want to change the natural color of their lips. The options are nearly limitless when it comes to the types of permanent lip makeup that you can have applied.

Not only is it important for your health and safety to use a professional, but a professional makeup artists is generally a makeup artists first, with the permanent aspect working as a secondary skill. A makeup artist will be able to help you choose the right look for your particular skin tone.

It is important that to pick the right procedure for what you want to ensure that you get what you want out of the permanent lip makeup. You can have the bow of your lip enhanced (or have one added if you feel like you do not have one), you can add shape to your mouth and you can help eliminate the bleeding of lipstick outside of your mouth. The procedure is done much in the same way that tattoos are done, except it is less painful.


Sally Hayes, unlike many other permanent cosmetic professionals, keeps a trained nurse on hand at all times when she is doing permanent lip makeup procedures to help patients feel more at ease and to perform a dental block on the lips. This dental block will prevent the client from feeling any pain and can help them feel more relaxed throughout the procedure knowing that their sensitive lips will be insusceptible to the pain that could come from the lip makeup being applied.

Whether you want to have your lips made up permanently because you want to improve their shape, make yourself look younger or change the color that they are, you should make sure that you are doing the procedure to make yourself happy.


Many people say that the eyes are the window into the soul and this usually rings true. A person’s eyes can tell you who they are. When you utilize permanent makeup you can make your eyes stand out much more than they would on their own without makeup. You will be able to make a more lasting impression on those you meet.

While a permanent makeup artist will not be able to completely change your eyes for you, she will be able to enhance them. While you may not be able to change their color or their shape, you can create the illusion of different colors and shapes while enhancing with permanent eyeliner. You can also drastically change the way that you look by getting permanent eyebrow makeup, which can help make your eyebrows be more prominent, and better match your skin tone.  Mornings easier by not having to worry about eyebrow makeup application on a daily basis..

When you have a permanent cosmetic procedure, it is essentially like having your face tattooed. The makeup is applied much in the same way, but it is done in a much more sterile and professional environment than it would be at a tattoo parlor. When choosing to have permanent cosmetics applied, make sure to have it done by a professional who properly prepare your skin and will coach you on how to properly care for the makeup throughout and after the healing process.

A permanent cosmetic procedure is generally a procedure that yields excellent results. Whether you are looking for something mild or something wild. While the results will last for a long time, it is generally a good idea to have them touched up on occasion.

Within the beauty industry, like other women’s industries, there are many lies that companies to tell you to get you to buy their specific products. These lies are often invented to make women feel less about themselves and will encourage them to purchase a variety of products. The following are some lies that beauty companies have told you:

You Have to Keep Up With the Hottest Trends- This is a big one for the major cosmetic companies, especially during the time when seasons are changing. They will often tell you that you need a certain color to keep up with the runways (even if it is a color that clashes horribly with your skin tone). The color will then be obsolete the next season and you will be stuck with aqua eyeliner or tangerine lipstick. When you are choosing makeup, you should not pay attention to the trends and should focus instead on what makes you look nice and helps you feel better about yourself.


You Have to Keep Spending Money- This is the only way that cosmetic companies are able to stay in business. They tell you that you must run to the store and buy more of your favorite product as soon as it runs out. While you may feel this way sometimes, it is important to know that you can go without makeup to some extent. If you are worried about running out of eyeliner and not being able to leave the house or are sick of having to constantly throw money at the cosmetic companies, you should consider having permanent eye or lip makeup applied. This will keep you from becoming a slave to the corporations that prey on women.
You’re Not Pretty…Unless You’re Using Our Makeup- Makeup companies use this ploy to compete against each other, but often end up harming the self esteem of the women they are targeting in the process. They will imply that you can’t be beautiful unless you are using their brand, which will in turn make you feel like you are not beautiful on your own.
You’re Getting Older, Glob Your Makeup On- Many of the makeup products that were designed to camouflage aging in older women are designed in a way that is tacky, heavy, difficult to apply and uncomfortable to wear. These companies focus on hiding the aging process instead of highlighting the parts of the face that still appear young. These problems can often be fixed with a simple tweak, some contouring, and even a little bit of enhancement of the good parts.


Choosing permanent cosmetics will help relieve you from using heavy and tacky makeup products as you age. It provides makeup made to highlight the areas that show your age the most- your eyes and your lips. You do have solutions. Permanent cosmetic applications are one of the best ways to enhance your look while being performed in a professional atmosphere.

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Embracing Your Scars While Keeping Your Look

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Going through a breast surgery, having breast cancer, or experiencing any type of surgical trauma to your breasts can be a difficult time. Sally Hayes understands that it can be painful, emotional, and even be a terrifying experience. After you have been through a surgery, you may be faced with breast surgery scars that are a constant and painful reminder of what you have experienced. Many women like to keep these scars as a reminder, but may desire to do something about their “overall look” to become more aesthetically pleasing.

Creating A More Desirable Mirror Image
There are many reasons that a woman might want to have her breasts tattooed after she has had a surgery. She may become sick of the constant reminder of the mutilation the cancer or disease in her breast caused on her body. She may want to look more of what she considers normal.  It is possible even that she may be feeling like less of a woman because the way her breasts look. No matter what the reason is behind a woman wanting permanent breast makeup applied, she sees the value of having the procedure performed. She knows that her life will be enhanced.

When a woman has gone through something as traumatic as breast cancer surgery, she has fought an important emotional battle. While the surgeries can be terrible, many women come out of them victorious. The goal of permanent makeup on the breast is not to eliminate the scars, which are a constant reminder of being a warrior, but the purpose is to enhance the look of the breast, conforming it to the idea that the woman has about breast image.

Nipples are one of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body, and they are also one of the parts she may feel most self-conscious about. Before having a breast surgery or a mastectomy, many women are not comfortable with their nipple and their areola (the darker, thicker skin surrounding the nipple). After a mastectomy or breast surgery of any kind, this area could be further damaged and could cause the woman to have even lower self-esteem. Through the use of nipple tattooing and permanent breast makeup, women can have their nipples looking more what they deem normal, increasing the positive way that they feel about their own body.

For women that have undergone breast surgery, as well as women who have not, the areolas can be a sensitive subject. Many feel that this area surrounding their nipple is too small, too large or is oddly shaped. A simple tattoo that matches the skin pigment is able to make the areola appear different in color, shape and can even help with the size of the nipple. While this option is mainly used for women who have undergone breast surgery, it is an option for any woman who is unhappy with the areolas she has.

Lessening the Severity of Scar Tissue
Scar tissue is one of the major factors that women who have undergone breast surgery have to deal with after it is over. These breast surgery scars are usually somewhere around the areola. Getting a permanent breast makeup application will help cover up the scars, can help blend them with the areola and can help them look less severe when they are contrasted with other areas of the breast. These are often simple applications available to  help women enhance the way they feel about their breasts.

Patients who have had breast surgery may notice that the size, shape and color of their nipple and the surrounding area may have changed. This can make them less confident in the way that their breasts look and feel and can actually cause them even more emotional suffering than what they have already been through. This also goes for women who have breastfed, had children or are suffering from a skin pigmentation issue. The procedure of permanent makeup on the breasts can help a woman feel more like a woman again.

For women who have had a complete mastectomy and have undergone reconstruction surgery, the look of breasts without nipples can be difficult for them to handle. It can look and feel almost as bad as having no breasts at all. The procedures that are done with permanent breast makeup allow a woman to have a simulated areola and nipple on their breast with nothing more than a simple tattooing procedure. There is no need for a true “nipple” to be on the breast and the look of one can be achieved with shading and color toning techniques.

Pleasing Results
There are many benefits for women who have undergone any type of breast surgery to get professional and permanent breast makeup applied. The makeup will help them be more comfortable in their own skin, will help them have a more realistic breast and will help them fit their breasts into a category of what they define as normal. It is a great opportunity for a woman to completely redefine the way her breasts look without getting rid of the important reminders of what she has been through throughout the breast surgery procedures.  

The general result that women see after they have had makeup permanently applied to their breasts is a positive one. Most women are beyond pleased with the results of the procedure, and the results will last for a long time. While there is some chance for fading to occur, it is something that can be easily fixed and made better with a quick trip to get them touched up. Results that are achieved through the use of permanent breast makeup will make a woman feel better about herself, be more confident in the way her body looks and can help her become a happier person in general.

Facelifts and Scaring as a Result
A facelift can be a very emotional experience. It can start out with the fear that you are aging and beginning to show it, which can turn into the elation that you feel when you find out there is something you can do about it in the form of a facelift, which will turn into satisfaction at the results of the facelift which can then turn into regret because of the scarring. Some people even wish to simply reverse the facelift.

Reversing the facelift is something that is not an option and is simply not possible, especially if you are trying to get rid of the scarring that comes with it. Scarring occurs after a facelift because the skin on the face is very delicate and can be disrupted for even small reasons (think about tiny acne and the scars it can cause). A facelift is a major trauma to your face and will cause scars that can be extremely noticeable, especially if you are a person who is already prone to scarring or has light skin.

Facelift scars can cause a plethora of issues to the way you feel about your face and the way that you treat it on a daily basis. These scars can make you want to cover up parts of your face, can leave you with little to no self confidence in your appearance and can make you feel even worse than you did before the facelift. They can have a major effect on the way that you live your life and can even lead to major problems such as depression and lack of a proper social environment.

There are many things that you can do to help the scars on your face go away. Avoid tanning your face (as if there were not already enough benefits to using a hat and sunscreen outside), keep the area moisturized and reduce the way that the scar looks. Permanent makeup procedures can help you reduce the way the scars look. While they will not be able to completely get rid of the facelift scars, a permanent artist will be able to create the illusion that the scar is smaller, is less noticeable and even that it has completely disappeared off of your face.

One of the easiest and least complicated ways that a permanent cosmetic artist can get rid of the scars that are caused by a facelift is to blend the scar with the rest of the color of the face. The artist will mix pigments and come up with a color that is nearly exactly the same shade as your skin. She can then apply the pigment onto the scar and make sure that it goes into the inside of it permanently to change the look of the scar for the rest of your life.

As with all permanent cosmetic procedures, the facelift scarring procedures is done through the use of tattoo makeup. These cosmetics are applied in the same manner that a tattoo would be, but in a much safer and more sterile environment than a typical tattoo shop. The professional who does the procedure is trained in the world of makeup and is also trained with the tattoo gun to ensure that you get the best results possible when you are having the facelift scarring covered up with skin tone or blended in with the rest of your face. The procedure is quick and many patients describe that they have no pain associated with it.

The risks that are associated with facelift scar tattooing are far lower than the risks that are involved with the actual facelift procedure. Due to the fact that a needle is actually being inserted in your skin, there is a small risk that you could develop an infection if it is not taken care of properly. A professional artist who is trained at applying makeup permanently to scar tissue will be able to instruct you and coach you on how to take care of your face tattoo after the procedure for optimal healing time.

Permanent cosmetics that cover up a scar caused by a facelift generally have good results. Since the scar tissue can be difficult to tattoo on, it may take a couple of visits to the professional to be sure that all of the ink and pigments stick, but this is a minor inconvenience compared to all of the issues that the scarring can cause a person. Choosing to have your facelift scars covered up with cosmetic tattooing is a great decision.
When you want to have a facelift scar covered up through the use of cosmetic tattooing, it is important that you go to a professional who is trained in makeup, skin tones and is able to use a tattoo gun properly. The professional must be skilled at what she does and must be able to provide examples of some of the results she has had in the past. You cannot simply go to your downtown corner tattoo shop and expect them to be able to cover up the scarring that is left on your face as the result of a facelift that you have had.

Choosing to have scars covered up, down played or even enhanced through the use of permanent cosmetics is a great way to feel better about the body you have to live in. You will be able to keep the scarring as a reminder of things in the past and you will also be able to feel more beautiful and comfortable with it. Whether you have breast surgery scars or scars as a result of a facelift, you will be able to get the results that you want to see on the scars when you have them cosmetically tattooed.

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Think Permanent Makeup is Just for Women? Think Again

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Permanent makeup is growing in popularity because of the significant benefits it can offer to women and to men. Women are not the only ones with a need to improve their appearances; men also want to put their best foot forward to make a great impression. Celebrity men have had permanent makeup applications for many years, and now it is becoming more common for men outside of the spotlight to take advantage of the many benefits of permanent makeup.

Men and Permanent Makeup

Every client of Sally Hayes, male or female, can take great comfort in the expertise that Sally offers. The permanent makeup applications offered for men include:

Eyebrows – a man’s eyebrows frame his face just as a woman’s do. Men can have full and youthful-looking eyebrows that will enhance their appearance and keep them from having to conquer thinning or greying eyebrows.

Lip Symmetry – undetectable permanent makeup can be applied to a man’s lip line to help the symmetry of his mouth and correct scars, imbalance and discoloration that may be apparent from natural causes such as aging or scaring.

Hair Loss on Face, Arms and Legs – men often suffer permanent hair loss from injuries or scars that can create bald patches. Thinning hair may lead to hairlines, beards or sideburns that need to be “filled in.” Sally Hayes will use a specialized technique that will allow the permanent makeup to continue to blend with aging hair color, but still create the fullness that is desired.

Expertise with Excellent Results

Do not allow your self-proclaimed imperfections to hold you back and prevent you from recognizing your potential. Sally Hayes will give you a thorough consultation to allow you to see the lasting benefits of the permanent makeup procedure before she applies anything permanently. Contact Sally today to get the results you want.

Shaping Your Eyebrows is an Instant Facelift

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Experts agree that eyebrows can make or break your appearance. Many women suffer from misshaped, thinning eyebrows that cause their appearance to lag and create low self-esteem. Eyebrows are the most important aspect of your facial appearance. The right shape and depth can give your appearance an instant facelift. Your eyes can look brighter and bigger, while your overall facial appearance will be more symmetrical and beautiful. Permanent eyebrows will allow you to wake up each day with your perfect eyebrows.

State-of-the-Art Permanent Eyebrows

If you question whether permanent makeup is the right thing for you, you need to schedule a consultation with Sally Hayes to allow you to see the instant facelift you can have with the proper shaping of your eyebrows. Sally will apply topical makeup to your eyebrows so you can see just how beautiful you can look. Her specialized tattooing technique will give you undetectable permanent eyebrows that will continue to look beautiful even as you age.

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Poorly shaped and thinning eyebrows can cause you to look tired, angry, or sad. The right shape can give you the benefit of an instant facelift just as the right frame on a painting can add the perfect finishing touch. Contact Sally Hayes today to schedule your consultation. You will not regret your decision.

Picking the Right Shade of Lip Color

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Picking the right shade of lip color for your permanent makeup is one of the most important decisions you will make in this process. Sally Hayes will guide you in this decision and prevent any choice that would result in clown-like results. The right shade of permanent lip color will give you naturally enhanced beauty whether you have on makeup or not. You can wear a brighter or darker shade of lip color over your permanent lip color and not have to worry that your lipstick will wear off only to leave colorless lips visible.

Natural Shades for Beautiful Results

The right shade of permanent lip color will be undetectable to others, yet you can have the confidence you look great without any effort. Sally Hayes has a fail-proof system to ensure you have a permanent lip color that will compliment your skin tone and your wardrobe. With permanent lip color, you can slightly alter your lip line to give you symmetry and more fuller looking lips.

Fair skin women will want to choose a color that is lighter to prevent an unnatural look. The undertones of your complexion can help you decide if you want to go for a more pink shade or a more brown shade of lip color. Darker complexions can handle a deeper color than fair complexions, but you will still want to choose a color that looks natural when you are not wearing any makeup.

Seek the Best Shade of Lip Color for You with Sally Hayes

Sally has a reputation that speaks for itself, and you can trust she will not misguide you on your lip color choice. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation and start recognizing the benefits of permanent makeup.

Camouflaging Breast Surgery Scars

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Healing Behind Makeup

When a woman faces breast cancer, few people think about the consequences of a mastectomy including the loss of the areola and nipple. The art of permanent makeup can reduce the effects of the loss and help a breast cancer survivor heal emotionally. Sally Hayes takes great pride in the healing that camouflaging breast surgery scars can offer to cancer survivors as well as to women who have unusual scarring following a breast implant surgery or breast reduction surgery.

Appearances Do Matter

The areola is part of the breast in both men and women, and plays a vital part in the appearance of the breasts. A woman’s self-worth is often tied to her appearance, even the appearance of her breasts. A missing, damaged or disfigured areola can cause unexpected psychological problems. Breast reconstruction can offer a woman a more natural-looking visible appearance, but cannot restore the full image of the breast. Camouflaging your breast surgery scars can give you the final touch you need to move forward with your life in a confident manner.

Areola repigmentation involves permanent makeup tattoos that can create the appearance of areola and nipples or hide unsightly scars around the areola. Camouflaging breast surgery scars can include restoration, recoloring or simulation of the areola. The healing behind the makeup comes from the natural appearance a woman sees when she looks in the mirror.

Proper Timing for Areola Tattooing

Sally Hayes will work with your surgeon to ensure you are ready for the permanent makeup application to reduce the effects of your scars from breast surgery. The procedure can most often take place after approximately six months following your surgery. Once you have healed, Sally will apply topical makeup to allow you to decide the best coloring a size for your body before she does the actual tattooing.

Do not allow your mastectomy or other breast surgery to lower your self-image. Contact Sally Hayes today to hear how permanent makeup can help you heal.

Beautiful, Full, Youthful Eyelashes

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Sally Hayes offers her clients many ways to enhance their natural beauty and increase their confidence. If you desire beautiful, full and youthful eyelashes, Sally highly recommends the FDA eyelash lengthening product, Latisse. Many have watched the popular commercials starring Brooke Shields and wondered if the product really works. Sally can testify to the product’s success and is excited to offer the benefits to you.

Ease of Fuller Eyelashes

If you are tired of the hassle of false eyelashes or the look of caked on mascara, you may want to consider Latisse. In addition, if you have suffered from short or thin lashes, Latisse can offer the growth and thickness you desire to make your eyes light up with beauty.

A Prescription that Works

Latisse is manufactured by Allergan is has been proven to help with eyelash hypotrichosis, or the inability to grow lashes. It is a prescription that is available through Sally Hayes. Latisse contains the same active ingredient as Lumigan, a glaucoma drug, which quickly demonstrated the added benefit of longer, full, youthful eyelashes.

Proven Results with Sally Hayes

You can have more beautiful, fuller lashes in as little as eight weeks. Researchers have found most people who use Latisse will experience a 25% increase in the length of their lashes and more than a 100% increase in the thickness. The complete results may take up to sixteen weeks to recognize.

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Beautiful, full, youthful eyelashes can be yours. Gain the positive results of Latisse by contacting Sally Hayes today.