Questions to ask yourself before deciding on Permanent Makeup

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Permanent makeup may seem like the answer to your dreams. Just imagine being able to leave the house with a consistently beautiful, made up face every morning without needing to spend time in front of the mirror or all that money on cosmetics. Before you decide to take the plunge and get your eyebrows, eyeliner or lips done permanently, there are a few questions you should ask the person who will do the work.

Are you certified, experienced and recommended?

While the permanent makeup industry is not regulated, there are classes and certifications that indicate the provider has knowledge about the best practice and health concerns surrounding this procedure. Ask them what school they attended and if they achieved certification in micro-pigmentation, makeup artistry, blood-borne pathogens and have been okayed by the local health department.

Experience is just as important as education. Only trust your face to someone who has successfully completed many permanent makeup applications. They should be eager and willing to show you before and after pictures and even put you in contact with former clients. Your best bet may be to find a permanent makeup artist used by your friends or family or highly recommended on independent review sites on the internet.

What should I expect from the permanent makeup procedure?

The journey to getting permanent makeup on your face begins before the day the makeup is actually applied. You should have a meeting with the technician prior to the procedure being done to make sure they understand exactly what you want and do not want. Colors will be chosen and shapes finalized.

After that is completed, all blood thinning and counter indicative medications are stopped and payment is arranged, you will then be ready to have your permanent makeup completed.

A numbing agent is used for the procedure to maximize your comfort. The actual application of the permanent eyebrows, eyeliner or lip color is completed over 2 to 4 visits. This allows for greater options and mistakes corrections before your eyebrow ends up too thick or the lip color not appropriate for your skin tone.

How do I get started?

After you’ve decided on the permanent makeup procedure or procedures you want to receive contact an experienced permanent makeup artist, such as Sally Hayes.

Cosmetic Tattoos: Will My Eyebrows Look Natural?

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Whether you realize it or not, your eyebrows define your face. The eyebrows work in conjunction with the eyes to help an individual express happiness, flirtation, sadness, and concern. Without eyebrows, your face would appear expressionless and flat.

To get an idea of how important your eyebrows are, cover them up with foundation and then take a quick glance in the mirror. It truly is remarkable how important our eyebrows are to our overall appearance. In fact, numerous studies have been conducted which show that people are able to identify others based on their eyebrows almost as often as their eyes.

Changing the color, shape, and thickness of your eyebrows can revamp your entire facial appearance. For thousands of years, women all over the world recognized this, and have practiced various methods of eyebrow shaping. Through tweezing, shaving, waxing, and threading, women have changed their eyebrows to appear more feminine and youthful. Today, however, we have more permanent options available.

Eyebrow Tattooing

Achieving the perfect size, shape, and color of eyebrows is as easy as scheduling a permanent makeup procedure. This procedure, also known as micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing, lasts longer than any other eyebrow shaping method and can redefine your entire facial appearance. With permanent eyebrow makeup, you can achieve the look that you desire without ever again having to pick up an eyebrow pencil.

Will my eyebrows look natural?

After the eyebrows have healed, they will look totally natural.

The eyebrow tattooing healing time takes longer than other permanent makeup procedures. After about the first few days, it will look as though you drew your eyebrows on with a pencil. By days four and five, the area begins to peel, just like a tattoo. After about a week, the eyebrows will be complete, aside from a short follow-up procedure to touch up any areas that need it. This touch-up appointment is quick and easy.

Once all of the healing is complete, your eyebrows will appear completely natural. You will never again need to pick up tweezers, eyebrow pencils, or eyebrow shadow because your brows will be the perfect shape. The “tattoo” mimics the tiny hairs of natural eyebrows, leaving you with a face that is feminine and youthful.

Stop wasting time and money on cosmetics and seek out a more permanent option. Showcase your natural beauty by redefining your eyebrows with a permanent eyebrow procedure. Contact Sally Hayes today to get started!

The Joys of Permanent Lip Color

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If you love it when your makeup looks perfectly on point but get frustrated because your lipstick tends to fade easily throughout the day, then permanent lip treatments may just make a superb choice for you. When people receive permanent lip makeup treatments, they not only don’t have to worry about color fading but they also don’t have to worry about unsightly smearing and smudging. If you don’t like feeling embarrassed when your bright red lipstick gets on your teeth, then permanent makeup may just be exactly what you need in your life.

There are numerous benefits associated with permanent lip treatments. If your lipstick tends to bleed noticeably and go beyond the borders of your mouth, permanent treatments can provide you with a neat and tidy lipstick look that doesn’t require any effort on your part at all. If you have a busy and hectic life and don’t have time to constantly go to the bathroom mirror to apply a fresh new coating of color onto your lips, permanent lip treatments can save you a lot of precious time and energy.

Some people appreciate permanent lip color because it makes their lips appear markedly more pronounced and defined. People who wish to achieve more glamorous and prominent lips often turn to these treatments.

Permanent lip color is oftentimes even beneficial for people who are worried that their lips have lost their natural and beautiful coloration with the passing of time. If your lips used to be a healthy pinkish color but now seem to be considerably paler than before, then you may be a good candidate for permanent lipstick.

If you go to an experienced and reputable professional, permanent lip color is a totally safe practice. It functions by delivering cosmetic pigmentation into the skin’s dermal layer. Permanent lip color isn’t the only commonly available permanent makeup solution. Some people get permanent eyeliner that prevents them from ever having to apply eyeliner around their eyes, for example.

If you want to take control of your beauty and feelings of self-confidence, then permanent lip color may be able to help you do so. If you believe that getting permanent makeup on your lips is the path you need to take, it’s a smart idea to have a consultation with a professional beforehand about the exact color you want applied onto your lips. It’s also extremely smart to discuss another key factor of permanent lip color — the specific shape of the color application you want, too. Since these treatments are indeed permanent, people should make sure they’re 100 percent confident in all of the choices they make beforehand. The more prepared you are, the more successful your outcome will likely be.

Contact Sally Hayes to learn more about permanent lipstick.

Permanent Makeup Isn’t Just For Those Who Wear A Lot Of Makeup

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Permanent makeup is starting to grow in popularity. Contrary to popular belief, permanent makeup is not just for people who wear a lot of makeup. There are a number of other benefits that people can benefit from wearing permanent makeup. Below is a list of some of those benefits:

Ideal For People Who Have Allergies

Some people are allergic to cosmetics. Permanent makeup is a great choice for people who cannot wear cosmetics because of allergies. Additionally, permanent makeup is great for people who have trouble applying makeup due to conditions like arthritis or multiple sclerosis.

Save Time

Applying makeup can be very time-consuming. It is estimated that the average woman spends 55 minutes on her beauty routine. A large percentage of this time is spent applying makeup. One study showed that the women spend 14.5 minutes on their makeup routine on the weekdays, and they spend 24 minutes on their makeup routine on the weekends.

Most people have very busy lives and are trying to get out of the house as soon as possible. Permanent makeup can help people save a lot of time. If applying makeup is taking up a lot of your time, then you will be able to get up later and leave the house earlier if you have permanent makeup.

Makeup Will Look Great All Of The Time

If you have permanent makeup, then you will not have to worry about your makeup fading or smudging. You will also not have to worry about it coming off after you take a shower or work out.

Your makeup will look great all of the time. Additionally, you will not have to worry about whether your makeup has been applied correctly.

Hide Imperfections

Many people feel self-conscious because they have scars and burns. Permanent makeup can conceal those imperfections. Many people also get permanent makeup after they get reconstructive surgery. Permanent makeup is a great option for people who suffer from vitiligo. Vitiligo is a condition that causes a person to develop white patches on the skin due to pigmentation loss.

Furthermore, permanent makeup can help improve your confidence. Contact Sally Hayes and you will wake up looking and feeling beautiful every morning.

Post-Surgical Areola Tattooing by Sally Hayes

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The world of technology is advancing, and with that, comes major changes in the surgical and medical field as well. Plenty of women are undergoing surgical procedures to their breasts. Some of them need to get the surgeries done for medical purposes, and others choose to do so for aesthetic reasons.  Although they may be content with the look of their breasts after the surgery that is not always the case when it comes to the areola.

Reasons for Breast Surgery

A variety of stimuli causes women to have to undergo breast surgery. For example, some women decide to have their breasts removed as a preventative measure for breast cancer. Others are diagnosed with breast cancer, and they must obtain a mastectomy as a way to tackle the cancer. Some women have both breasts removed, and others just have one removed. After this procedure, women may opt to have breast reconstruction surgery. Other women decide that they want to have larger breasts, so they opt for an aesthetic surgery that allows them to do so. Still other ladies feel that their breasts are too heavy for their bodies and are causing excessive weight on their backs, so they have them reduced. Reductions can happen for medical purposes.

Areola Changes

No matter how much preparation women put into their surgeries and no matter what they think the results may look like, they may find that they are unhappy with their areola after a particular surgery. They may find that the cutting involved with the surgery significantly altered the way that their areola look, and they would prefer to have this part of their body look more natural. The areola is the darker part of the breast that is immediately surrounding the nipple. Also, when women have breast procedures done for medical purposes, they may allow aesthetics to fall to the wayside a bit in favor of retaining their health.

No Surgery Completed

Other women have not experienced any type of surgery, but they are unhappy with the way that their areola looks. For example, they may think that their areola are too large or too small, or they may not like the way that they frame the nipple. Other women may experience annoyance with the color of their areola. Still others feel that their two areola do not match, and they want them to look the same. Even though they have no undergone any types of surgical procedures in the past, they still want to get tattooing done so that their breasts can look the way that they want them to appear. Also, women may find that their areola do not appear as they once did. If that is the case, they should consult with a doctor before they opt for any type of tattooing treatment to see if a medical problem lies at the center.

Tattooing Specifically for Areola

Some women feel as though they want to go back in for another procedure to correct their areola or to make them appear the way that they have always wanted. Some women may decide to opt for additional medical procedures, but taking the situation to that level is not always needed. Instead of going under the knife yet again, women can choose to have tattooing procedures to reinvent their areola. They need to make sure that they are choosing a professional in the field. They are opting to have tattooing done on a sensitive part of their bodies. Therefore, they want to ensure that they are working with an expert who has experience doing these types of procedures before. Individuals can select from one of three options.

Scar Camouflage

Perhaps it is not the actual appearance of your areola that you are unhappy with, but rather you are displeased with scars that formed around or near them. Once you had surgery, you may have been happier than ever with the appearance of your breasts, but you did notice that an array of scars had formed. Even if you just have small scars, they can be enough to affect your self-confidence and how happy you are in your physical appearance. Choosing a scar camouflage procedure means that those scars will vanish for good.

Altering the Areola

Maybe you do not like the size of your areola, and you are wondering how that issue could ever see a resolution. With tattoo procedures, that is more than a possibility. Instead of opting for a surgical treatment, the tattoo artist can use clever blending techniques to make your areola appear the size that you want. Also, your areola may not be a color that is pleasing to you. Sometimes, women experience discoloration of the areola after they breastfeed. Whether the color has changed or you have never liked it, you can opt to get tattooing done to change it.

Nipple-Areola Complex Simulation

Perhaps you feel as though your areola are not visible or that they are barely so. When that is the case, you can go for tattooing to create the appearance of these structures that help you to feel like a women. When you opt for tattooing over surgery, you do not have to undergo the procedure of nipple-button creation. Instead, you can opt for a treatment procedure that is going to make you feel more like woman you always wanted to be in just a short period of time.

Preparing for Areola Tattooing

When you have decided that areola tattooing is a procedure that you may want performed; you should schedule a time to talk with both your doctor and your surgeon. If you had surgery, you want to make sure that your breasts are healed enough to have tattoos put on them. Also, after a mastectomy, you may be undergoing certain treatments for your condition that preclude you from having a tattoo done at this particular time. Also, you should speak to your doctor if you are currently breastfeeding or are planning to do so. You need to make sure that treatment is safe above all else.

Consider the Costs

Now that you know about the options that are available for you, you may still need a little bit more encouragement to actually take the leap and have the tattoo procedure completed. You may say that you really liked your surgeon and that you are wondering if a surgical procedure is better. Remember, your insurance may not cover the procedure, so you could end up having to pay for the full cost of the surgery out-of-pocket. Opting for the tattoo instead will likely prove the more cost-effective option for you.

Preparation Time

If you are still considering going for a surgery instead, consider the amount of time that you need to prepare for a surgery. You generally need to arrive at the hospital a decent amount of time for any preparation work. Also, the surgery could get delayed. You may end up having to wait hours at the hospital simply for the surgery to begin. You may also need to follow other instructions. You should call to schedule an appointment with the tattoo parlor, and you should let the specialist know the type of tattoo you are planning to have done. However, the process is otherwise relatively easy.

Recovery and Results Time

Chances are, when you are concerned about having to spend too much time at the hospital at the beginning of the day, you do not want to have an extended recovery period either. With surgery, you could end up experiencing soreness for weeks. The exact recovery time would, of course, depend upon the specific surgical plan that your doctor has mapped out. A tattoo is not a procedure without a recovery time, but it is generally not as drastic as surgery. Not only do you get to recover more quickly, but you see faster results.

Your New You

Once you undergo surgery, you likely cannot see the results once away. Of course, tattoos, especially on a sensitive area of the body, can result in redness, and you may not have a full picture of what your new areola look like immediately after the procedure. Still though, you can gain a good sense. Also, you will not need to wait as long to see the results as you would with surgery. Within a shorter period of time, you can have the body that you have always wanted.

Feeling More Confident

While some women are deciding if they want to choose surgery or a tattoo, others are deciding if they want to have changes made to their areola at all. They may feel as though the procedure is in vain, but they should also think about what this change could mean for their self confidence. Most people have at least an issue or two with their bodies, and some of these problems can weigh heavily on their minds. Instead of spending the rest of your life thinking about the issues with your areola, you can simply have the matter resolved.

Exuding Your Femininity

Even if you are not terribly displeased with the appearance of your areola, the way that they look might like you feel like less of a women. While you do not need to conform to anyone’s definition of what a women is aside from your own, you may not feel that you meet your own definition with the way that your areola currently look. Having a sense of your own femininity is important, and that is particularly true in an age when society embraces people coming up with their own ideas of what gender means. You can exude your own definition when you choose this procedure.

Light in a Dark Time

Perhaps you needed to have surgery done on your breasts because of a disease or condition. For a variety of reasons, this surgery may have left you feeling emotionally or mentally scarred. Of course, you need to wait until it is safe to do so according to your doctor, but simply knowing that the possibility of areola tattooing exists can be enough to give you that extra burst of energy that you need. Even though you are enduring challenges with your physical appearance now, you can look to the future for hope.

Freedom in Clothing

Right now, you may feel as though you need to constantly cover up your areola. For example, you may always wear dark bras because you do not want anyone to see the darkened areola that you have. Also, you may feel as though you cannot wear light shirts because you think that your areola is visible. As a result, you are constantly worrying about your appearance, and you may even have to pass up some clothes that you would otherwise love to wear. Once you have these tattoos done, you can feel more liberated when it comes to your wardrobe.

Preparing for the Pain

If you have ever had a tattoo before, you probably know that it is not an entirely painless procedure. On the other hand, when this time will be your first getting a tattoo, you may have a lot of anxiety built up over whether or not it is going to hurt. The answer is yes, the procedure probably will hurt, especially because the work is being done on a sensitive area of your body. That does not mean it has to come with tremendous pain. Some people say that they just feel mild discomfort when they get tattoos, and others feel more. You can talk with other people who have had the procedure before to see what it felt like for them. On top of that, you should speak with your tattoo artist to find out if you can do anything to numb the pain.

Whether you have undergone surgery or you have just spent your life unhappy with the way that your areola look, you are likely going to be pleased that you now have a way to tackle this part of your body that has always troubled you.

Contact Sally Hayes for any questions!

How To Choose Your Permanent Makeup Technician

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Many women spend much of their time in the morning applying makeup in order to accentuate their features and improve their looks. If you happen to be one of these women, you should consider undergoing receiving permanent makeup services from a skilled permanent makeup technician. As you can likely imagine, there are many benefits of having permanent lipliner, lip color, eyeliner, and eyebrow coloring. Not only will you save a considerable amount of time in the morning, but you will also look just as good when you wake up in the morning as you did when you went to sleep in the evening.

However, as the field of permanent cosmetics is fairly new, you should put lots of care and attention into picking the right permanent makeup technician. Here are a few tips that will help you do just that with relatively little difficulty.


One factor that that should play role in your decision when it comes to choosing a permanent makeup technician is price. In most cases, the cost of a procedure performed by a permanent makeup technician will cost no less than $400, but no more than $800. If the procedure happens to be quite advanced, you may have to pay $150 to $250 per hour. When it comes to permanent makeup procedures, the truth is you should be paying at least a few hundred dollars. If you aren’t paying a lot of money for a procedure, there is likely something very wrong.

Ideally, you should choose the very best permanent makeup technician you can afford. It can be tempting to go for the cheapest permanent cosmetics technician available. If you fail to resist to this temptation, while you will likely save a considerable amount of money, you may end up being very unhappy with the results of the procedure. Usually, if the price of a permanent cosmetics procedure is exceedingly cheap, this is an indication of a lack of experience or skill on the part of the permanent makeup technician.

A permanent makeup technician who charges a very low price for his or her services will likely fail to use proper sterilization and good equipment. When it comes to permanent cosmetics procedures, not only are your looks at stake, but also your safety. Only a well-paid technician can afford to use sterile, quality equipment while still making a profit.

The price your permanent makeup technician charges should include one follow-up visit at the very least. Some technicians include two follow-up visits in the price that they charge for their services. If a technician does not include a follow-up visit or two in the price they charge, their services are below the care standards of the permanent makeup industry. Find a new technician promptly. In most cases, the results of a permanent makeup procedure will not be completely perfect, no matter how skilled your technician happens to be. Therefore, you will likely need to return to your technician for some touch-ups to perfect the look.

Also, the price that your technician charges should include the cost of the use of over-the-counter anesthetics. These topical anesthetics will be used to minimize the discomfort and pain that may be associated with the procedure.

Therefore, while price is certainly an important factor in choosing your permanent makeup technician, it should not be the only factor that plays a role in your decision. You do not have the means to price shop when a permanent cosmetics procedure will alter your looks for the rest of your life. If you feel tempted to go for the cheapest option when it comes to permanent cosmetics, remind yourself that you will have to live with your decision for the rest of your life.

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Experience and Background

Ideally, your permanent makeup technician should have plenty of experience with permanent cosmetics procedures. Before you pay for the services of a permanent makeup technician, you should inquire about their background and experience in the field.

Ensure that you do not allow a new student to perform a permanent cosmetics procedure on you. Choose a technician who has been in the industry for at least a few years and inquire about how many procedures they’ve done. Do not choose an inexperienced permanent makeup technician who has performed very few procedures. If a permanent makeup technician has performed many procedures, take a look at their portfolio to see the quality of the procedures. Just because a technician has performed many procedures does not mean the quality of all the procedures are up to par with your expectations.

The permanent makeup technician you hire should meet all the training and license requirements of your state. Each state has different requirements that a technician must fulfill in order to be allowed to perform permanent cosmetics procedures. In some states, the license for permanent cosmetics falls under the broader license regulations for tattooers. On the other hand, other states have separate licenses for the field of permanent cosmetics. There are even some states that don’t regulate this field at all. If you happen to live in such a state, you must take it upon yourself to select a good technician in-state, or you should consider traveling to another state to undergo the procedure.

Almost every state board that offers a license for the permanent cosmetics field require technicians to complete a minimum amount of training hours in-school. This requirement can be as minimal as just one or two days in some states. Other states, on the flip side, require more than 300 hours of training to get licensed. If your state’s regulations for the permanent makeup field is minimal or nonexistent, you should consider traveling to another state with more stringent requirements.

The technician you choose to perform your permanent makeup procedure should have undergone bloodborne pathogens training. This class teaches permanent makeup technicians, who perform invasive procedures, how to perform procedures safely and avoid cross-contamination between patients. The requirements when it comes to this class will vary vastly from state-to-state. In fact, in certain states, such as California, the requirements vary from county-to-county. Upon completion of a bloodborne pathogens class, the technician will receive a certificate. Therefore, you should have the technician show this certificate to you as proof. In some states, you may be able to contact the local or state Health Department to determine if a technician has truly taken this class, as tattoo artists are required to register with the Health Department in certain states and counties. Permanent makeup does qualify as tattoos, no matter what other people may try to tell you.

Since the field of permanent cosmetics is relatively recent and new, you should look for a technician who takes the time and effort to undergo training on a regular basis. This field changes drastically very quickly. Therefore, you need a technician with skills that are current.

If you want to undergo a procedure for permanent lip color, it is essential that you find a technician who is very skilled and experienced in performing this procedure. Due to the sensitivity of the lips in comparison to the rest of the face, lip work is far more advanced than permanent eyebrow or eyeliner procedures. Before you agree to undergo a permanent lip color procedure, you should have a close look at the picture portfolio of the technician. Permanent cheek blush and eyeshadow procedures are the most difficult permanent cosmetics procedures of all. Therefore, if you want to have one of these procedures done, select a technician that has been in the field for many years with good results to show for all their experience.

Take it upon yourself to evaluate the skill of your permanent makeup technician. The purpose of a permanent makeup procedure is to have permanent soft cosmetics tattooed onto your face in order to enhance your features. The permanent cosmetics should not be too bold or over-the-top. The look should ideally be as natural as possible. In order to determine if a technician is capable of creating this natural look for you, ask him or her to quickly draw a set of brows onto a blank piece of paper. The technician should use natural hair-like strokes in order to draw the set of eyebrows, which should look like they came out of a drawn portrait or picture. If your technician passes this test, he or she can likely give you the soft, natural results you desire.

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Working Environment

While you certainly want the results of the permanent cosmetics procedure to be beautiful and natural-looking, you should also keep your safety in mind when it comes to choosing a permanent makeup technician. A technician can be incredibly skilled when it comes to performing procedures, but if he or she does not have your safety in mind, you should not hire him or her.

In order to ensure your health and safety, you should visit the site where the procedure will be performed. Make sure the site meets the standards for hygiene and physical cleanliness set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The premises should have both hot and cold running water in more rooms than just the restroom. The procedure should be performed in a private room especially for permanent makeup procedures. There should be no contaminants in the room that may be able to circulate in the air. An example of a contaminant includes acrylic nail dust.

The permanent cosmetics technician should be clean and neat in terms of appearance. They should put on new gloves before performing a procedure on a new client. They should should also replace the sheets on their chair or bed for each client. The nails of the technician should be short and clean. Most important of all, the technician should use sterilized equipment and new needles for every single client.


As mentioned above, you should ask to see many photos of patients who have undergone procedures. Make sure the photos that you’re looking at aren’t purchased or retrieved from the Internet.

The portfolio should include both “before” and “after” photos. Ideally, the “after” photos of the patients should be taken after the healing process. As you likely know, the appearance of the work done will change over time, especially during the healing process. When you look at the photos, you should ensure that the results you see in the “after” photos match the look you’re going for. Based on the photos, you should gauge whether your technician has a good eye for bone structure and face shapes. They should also have a talent for detail, symmetry, and use of color. A common issue with permanent makeup procedures is colors turning khaki, orange, or grey as they fade. A skilled technician will be able to blend colors properly to prevent this fading.

You should also take the time to read the testimonials. While the testimonials should largely be taken with a grain of salt, they will provide some insight into the quality of the procedures and what you can expect in terms of results.

Ask the technician to give you the contact information of past patients, so that you can phone them for some first hand feedback. If the technician is hesitant to do so, take it as a sign that you possibly should look for another technician.

Ready to see what your best options are? Contact Sally Hayes today!

When it comes to choosing the best permanent makeup technician, there are many things you should consider, such as price, background, experience, the working environment of the technician, and the portfolio of past work. Permanent makeup procedures are tattoo procedures, which means the results will last forever. Therefore, it is in your best interest to do as much research as possible in order to pick a permanent makeup technician who is perfect for the job. Not only are your looks at stake when you have a technician perform a permanent makeup procedure on you, but so is your health, as permanent makeup procedures are considered rather invasive in nature.

Can I Still Apply Other Types of Lipstick if I Get Permanent Lipstick Done?

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Opting for permanent lipstick is a decision that more and more people are making. Those individuals who are deeply invested in beauty rejoice at the idea of lips that stun forever. Whether you are a novice at permanent makeup or you’ve had a few other procedures done already, learning more about permanent lipstick helps you decide if it is the right option for your face.

Defining and Shaping Your Lips

Permanent lipstick might sound as though it is all about the color; however, that’s not the case. Permanent lipstick is used to provide some hue to your lips, but it also makes them more defined. In some ways, it is as though you are receiving permanent lip liner too. Helping your lips to stand out gives them the attention that they deserve. Then, once your lips are the center of attention, you have the ability to play them up or down as much as you want.

Adding a Tint to Your Kisser

While providing definition for your lips is one of the major benefits associated with permanent lipstick, so is the color that it offers. When you are running some errands or hitting the treadmill at the gym, you can still exude a shade of color. You are allowing your face to have some added brightness even though you may not have added any lipstick on before you ventured out on either of these journeys. Obtaining this type of procedure means that your lips can look great no matter where you are.

Saving Time in Your Routine

When the alarm clock rings in the morning, you probably wish you had just a few more minutes to sleep. If you’re like many other people, simply getting another ten minutes or so with your head on the pillow would likely provide you with the energy you need to muddle through the day. While you are not going to save a tremendous amount of time by cutting out the lipstick-application routine, you can get a few more minutes back to doze or to help the kids get off to school right on time.

Saving Money in the Long Run

Looking at the cost of a permanent lipstick treatment, you might feel as though you just do not have the money to spend on it. However, take a look at your budget. Add up how many dollars you spend on lipstick, lipgloss and other such products each month. In the long term, you are almost certain to save money if you opt for the permanent lipstick. This procedure does not mean that you will never buy a lip product again, but it does mean that your purchases will likely experience a significant reduction. That means you’ll have more money for other beauty products or for your savings account.

Solving Your Date Night Dilemmas

Many people have had the annoying experience of spending hours getting ready for a date and applying the right makeup only to have it immediately washed off as soon as they put their lips on a glass. When you wear permanent makeup, you can put a layer of color over it to complete your look. However, even after you have a sip of that fancy wine that is sitting on the table, you are still going to look stylish and put together.

Deciding Whether Permanent Lipstick is Right for You

If the aforementioned benefits sound like good ideas, then you may have recognized that permanent lipstick is the right solution for your beauty-routine needs. You should also consider if you are okay with having the same base color on your lips permanently. Perhaps you currently have some tattoos. Consider how you feel about those markings. When you’ve been tremendously happy with your decision to obtain tattoos, then you also may very well be pleased with your choice in getting permanent lipstick.

Speaking with Your Doctor

Before you opt for any type of permanent procedure, you should speak with your doctor. While permanent lipstick is not as serious of a procedure as some others, it is still a permanent change that you are making to your body. You want to speak with your doctor about any possible effects on your individual body since every person is different. Furthermore, you want to make sure that you are not going to have any allergic reactions to the products used. That can be especially dangerous since the procedure is done on your mouth.

Evaluating Other Permanent Makeup Procedures You’ve Had

You can also think about other permanent makeup procedures you’ve decided to obtain in the past. Perhaps you recently had permanent eyeliner on, and you’re amazed with the results. That can be a positive sign that permanent lipstick will also work well for you. You should think about the coloring of any permanent makeup that you have on. You want to make sure that the existing permanent makeup will match with the color of your permanent lipstick to ensure a sense of cohesion and beauty that spreads across your face.

Taking Your Job into Account

The type of job that you have may play a role in whether or not permanent makeup is the right answer for you. For the most part, you are safe obtaining permanent lipstick in a job environment if you wear lipstick to work every day anyway. Wearing lipstick to work is something that plenty of women do, and your coworkers may not even notice whether you have permanent lipstick or you are simply wearing the shade that you do every day. Still though, you should seriously consider the profession you are in and any professions that you may venture into in the future.

Choosing a Suitable Color for Your Job

Since so many people wear lipstick to work, worrying about whether or not you can obtain permanent lipstick is not usually a hassle you need to undergo in many fields. Still though, you must make sure you are selecting a suitable color. While you may love bright red lipstick, just think about how that is going to work during an interview or a major job presentation. Even if you tend to choose bold colors on a daily basis, you probably go a bit more demure when you have a professional meeting or an interview for a major job opportunity or promotion.

Steering Away from Bold Colors in General

No matter how much you love that deep shade of red lipstick, think about whether you really want to wear it every single second of every single day. Most people do not walk around with full faces of makeup at all times. Imagine taking your kids to the park and having bright red lips. Envision waking into an interview for the job you have always dreamed of with makeup that looks like it is suited for a night club. Opting for more natural and neutral shades is the way to go with permanent lipstick.

Avoiding Matching Issues

Also, you should consider the palette of colors that you usually opt for when putting on makeup and the clothes that you wear. If you select a color that is too bold or out of the ordinary, you could have a difficult time matching with it. Then, you may be forced to change your entire style or approach to makeup simply to match with the lipstick. Once again, a neutral or natural shade is the better option. These types of colors fit in more seamlessly with all different styles and shades of makeup and clothes.

Skipping on the Trendy Colors

While some trends do seem to stand the test of them, most of them stick categorically with the definition of a “trend.” It will retain a great deal of popularity for a period of time, and then it will retreat away. Therefore, if you select a color merely because it is a trend right now, then you may be rather disappointed with your look in the near future. In fact, you may even regret having the procedure done at all. Pick a color that is classic and that is sure to stick around for awhile.

Knowing You Can Add Color

You might feel that once you have permanent lipstick on, you can never change the color of your lips again, but that isn’t true. Even when you are wearing permanent lipstick, you can still wear other lipstick on top of it. You can wear lipgloss or lip balm as well. Think about tattoos. People who have tattoos are still able to apply sunscreen or body lotion to their tattoos. The fact that a permanent design is there does not change the very necessity or function of the skin, so you are not forever married to that one color.

Changing the Color

You may decide that you want to change the color of your lips for a night out. That is where selecting a neutral shade for the permanent lipstick comes into play. If you have red done as your permanent lipstick color, then you are going to have a hard time covering that up with any other shades. On the other hand, if you chose a very soft pink color, you could change the shade of your lips into virtually any other color that you want. The more neutral you go with the permanent shade, the more room you have to expand.

Emphasizing the Color

Perhaps you are in-love with your permanent makeup color so much that you do not want to change the color at all. In fact, you would rather emphasize what you already have. Then, you can choose the same shade and layer the color on top of your permanent lipstick. You may want to try this makeup trick when you are doing a more subdued eye. If you are deciding to play up the lips for a night, you can really make a statement by enhancing the color of your current lips.

Asking Your Tattoo Artist Questions

When you are planning for your permanent lipstick, you want to make sure you ask plenty of questions. Find out if you can use any products on your lips the day of the procedure, and ask how long the recovery process will take. You can also ask for tips with recovering from the procedure. On top of that, you want to find out the specific shade that your lips will be. You should ask if there is a comparable color on the market that way you know what to purchase if you ever want to emphasize the color of your lips.

Dealing with the Pain

Some people are afraid to obtain permanent lipstick because they are scared of how much it will hurt. The procedure is not painless, but you can speak with your tattoo artist about ways to reduce the pain. You should also talk to people who have already undergone the procedure. They can help you to see that it is not as bad as you think. When it comes to tattoos and permanent makeup, many people say that the pain was not nearly as intense as they thought it would be when they signed up for the treatment.

Loving Your New Look

The decision to obtain permanent lipstick is one that people should take seriously. You can choosing to have a procedure that is forever etched onto your body. In fact, when it is first finished, you may need some encouragement to really get used to the look. Don’t be afraid to go and flaunt your look. Try makeup tricks that draw attention to your lips, and you’re likely to receive some complements from your admirers. Also, look into different ways of doing your makeup. Now that you have this base from which to work, you can build a sense of confidence with employing other techniques, brushes, styles and so forth.

Taking all of this information into account when you are considering permanent makeup helps you to choose a style that is best for your face and for your beauty goals. Contact Sally Hayes today to learn more!

How Can Sally Hayes Fix a Permanent Makeup Mess?

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For years, women have used makeup to enhance their appearance, but who wants to wake up every morning and put on makeup? Not many women like the process, and that’s why they are seeking solutions like permanent makeup. What happens when permanent makeup application becomes a total mess? Well, you seek a professional like Sally Hayes. She can fix it up, but it can be painful. If you want to join the ranks of those women who want to save money by using permanent makeup, here are some things you may need to know before you invest, and some things you may need to know if you’ve already invested and you need repair.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Some people choose permanent makeup because they do not have the time to apply makeup every morning. Other people choose permanent makeup because they simply are not skilled in applying permanent makeup. If you are makeup or time-challenged, Sally Hayes may be a permanent solution to an age-old problem.

Permanent makeup is more like a tattoo. It is applied using the same techniques and principles that tattoo artists use when they are applying a tattoo to any other part of the body. Just like getting a tattoo, there are risks, which should be explored before completing the procedure.

While many companies offer permanent makeup, only a few are skilled at applying it consistently to get good reviews. If it’s not applied properly, you could have a mess that is not easily reversed. That’s why it’s so important to know who can help you repair your permanent mess.

Some ladies have applied permanent makeup to their lips, eyes and full face. Whether it’s eyeliner, lipstick or a full face treatment, women have enjoyed the benefits of permanent makeup. However, when problems arise, some women wonder if the procedure was worth the effort. For many people, it was not, and that’s why Sally Hayes is offering solutions to help repair mis-applied permanent makeup.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Permanent Makeup

There are both advantages and disadvantages to the permanent makeup problem, but the problems are what have made Sally Hayes popular. When people receive poor application of permanent makeup, they often turn to Sally Hayes for solutions. The problems associated with permanent makeup are far-reaching, and there have been many complaints of negative reactions from people who have tried permanent makeup. Here’s what you need to know:


  • 50 Different Pigments in Tattoos
  • Allergic Reactions are Rare
  • Improve Your Confidence Especially With Cancer Patients After Chemotherapy
  • Save You Money
  • Wake Up Looking Refreshed and Vibrant
  • Enhance Your Appearance

Disadvantages or Risks:

  • Difficult to Remove Pigment Once It Has Been Injected
  • Skin Irritations Associated With Permanent Makeup
  • Keloid Formation May Occur
  • Nodules May Form Around the Pigment
  • Hepatitis and Staph Infections May be Transmitted Through Unsanitary Needle Use
  • People’s Tastes and Desires Change Which Leads to Removal Problems
  • Skin Cracking, Peeling, and Blistering May Occur
  • Local Infection
  • Swelling and Infection
  • Poor Quality Pigments
  • Pigments Adulterated or Contaminated with Heavy Metals
  • Diametric Magnetic Properties
  • Unsafe Anesthetic Practices
  • Expensive

Other Complications:

  • Aesthetic Problems – The most common problem with the appearance of your eyebrows is the uneven color, fading over time, discoloration, bad arch, and fading. If the brow is placed incorrectly, many people are looking for repair. When the pigment spreads beyond the brow borders, it is called fanning.
  • Fading – All cosmetic tattoos are semi-permanent. This means that when the ink is exposed to natural elements such as water, aging, and sun exposure, it is more likely to fade. Experts recommend scheduling a regular appointment to darken, shape, and fill the eyebrows. To prevent fading, you should apply sunscreen, wear sunglasses to cover your eyebrows, apply lotion, and avoid using exfoliation. You should also rub petroleum jelly into your brows.
  • Henna Tattoo Problems – If you do not want to commit to permanent cosmetics, Henna or Mehndi may be used. Henna may be the cause of some allergic reactions and may stain the skin, which may continue to darken over time.
  • Infections and Equipment – Tattoo eyebrows may be subject to an infection. Psoriasis, Lupus, and Staph are also common with tattoos if the infections are not sterilized properly. Diseases like HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis, Tetanus, and Chanchroid are some common problems.
  • Allergic Reactions to Inks and Dyes – There are numerous allergic reactions to skin that could occur as a result of tattoos. Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is one of the most common irritants.
  • Cancer-Related Concerns – Malignant lesions are rare with tattooing, but could occur. There have been direct link to basal cells, tumors, malignant melanomas, and other problems.
  • MRI Complications – Tattoo pigments may burn or swell during an MRI. The symptoms may only last for a short period of time, but they are prominant enough to be a nuisance.
  • Removal Problems- Tattoo removal is a difficult process. Laser resurfacing, chemical exfoliation, invasive surgery, and dermabrasion are some ways that Sally Hayes and others have tried to remove tattoos. Tattoo removal can cause infection, deformation, and scarring.

What to Do If Permanent Makeup Application Goes Awry?

If your permanent makeup becomes a problem and you are not satisfied with the results, you should attempt to contact a professional like Sally Hayes to help with the removal process. She is competent and can use any of the removal techniques available to get the job done. If your brows are uneven or your color is fading, you can get help through Sally Hayes.

She may use laser resurfacing, chemical exfoliation, or dermabrasion to remove the tattoos with care. Sally Hayes handles a variety of issues from women with problems with makeup. She coaches women and tries to predict how their face will change over time and how the tattoos will be affected. For instance, if you have fishtail on your eyelids, your upward trending fishtail may soon be downward trending. When your skin begins to sag, your fishtail may not be as attractive as it once was.

That’s why it’s necessary to have someone like Sally Hayes who can correct problems that may occur from aging. If you get your work completed initially with Sally Hayes, she tries to predict what problems may occur from aging or from other problems. If she thinks your skin will sag, she will tattoo the eyeliner in a way to minimize the negative appearance of the skin. She is a knowledgeable professional who has the ability to improve the appearance of almost any candidate suffering from undesirable permanent makeup application.

Here are some of the options she has successfully used in the past:

Keep in mind that some tattoo removal methods have a higher success rate than others and some have a higher risk than others, but many of the methods are effective. If you’re prone to scarring or loss of skin pigment, speak to your physician prior to getting a procedure completed. When selecting a method, you should consider the size of the tattoo, the location of the tattoo, and the type of pigment.

If you’re removing a tattoo, Sally Hayes may use a 10 percent Glycolic and follow this up with an application of Retin-A microgel. This method is usually less expensive for a small area. Afterwards, she may apply a papain or urea cream with Accuzyme, Ziox, and Panafil. Sometimes, she may apply and use other mixtures, but she always researches them first.

She has found that tattoos are most likely to be removed easily with laser, but the lasers will differ depending on the type of tattoo. Keep in mind that different wavelengths absorb different types of light. The most successful types of lasers are Q-switched Ruby, Nd:Yag, and Alexandrite.

Colors are most difficult to remove from the skin. They may require short pulses of Q-switched lasers. Damage of the surrounding tissue can be minimized when short pulses of Q-switched lasers. This will limit the exposure time to thermal relaxation time. Most lasers can remove dark and black tattoos with ease.

While some physicians are not comfortable using lasers to remove permanent makeup, Sally Hayes is comfortable with using a variety of techniques. She is familiar with all of the techniques such as placing the metal eye shield on the eye to protect it. She can also try to minimize damage to brow hairs or eyelash follicles from the hair removal laser. For instance, she may use a q-switched laser pulse to minimize the damage. It is milliseconds as opposed to seconds, and it will only slow growth for a few months.

She is familiar with the types of pigment needed to be used. Using iron oxide or non-iron oxide is often the choice. She is careful with the use of lighter colored pigments because she is aware that they can turn black after exposure. Tones that are most likely to be affected will be flesh tones, lip colors, brown brows, and white. Sally Hayes is all too familiar with technicians who try to hide an error with flesh color that later turns black. The removal process is more difficult if this happens.

Always consult with Sally prior to getting a laser removal as it can be a complicated process. Permanent makeup removal is a delicate process that should not be taken lightly. She uses the latest technology to make the process easier. Versa Pulse C is often employed. The most common wavelengths include 532, 755, and 1064 nm. While these lasers are rare, she remains aware of the latest and greatest to keep her clients informed.

Sally Hayes is Skilled at Fixing a Permanent Makeup Mess-up

Sally Hayes has the skills necessary to fix a permanent makeup mix-up without too much difficulty. She is a skilled user of all types of technology that can improve the longevity of this product. She is constantly learning and updating her skills, and her numerous years in the industry makes her one of the best. Some people are not quite as skilled at fixing a permanent makeup mix-up as others, but she has proven over and over again that she is a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

If you want to learn more about her products and services, her contact information is readily available online. She is a public figure and have been featured on multiple syndicated television and radio shows including NPR and ABC News. She has shared her information with the world so that other people may be informed about her talent.

Contact Sally Hayes to determine how she can help you look beautiful and feel confident.

Is permanent makeup really permanent?

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The allure of permanent makeup is obvious: you can go about your daily life without ever reapplying makeup or worrying that it’s smudged. From work to the gym to a good night’s sleep, your makeup will always look perfectly applied. What’s the truth about cosmetic tattoos, though? Are they truly permanent? Read on to learn everything you’ve wanted to know about permanent makeup.

Who Gets Permanent Makeup? There are a number of reasons why someone would get permanent makeup:

• To naturally enhance their current appearance.
• To wear makeup when traditional makeup results in allergic reactions or skin sensitivity.
• To look their best even when working out, something that’s especially important for athletes who train all the time.
• To never worry about sweating off or smudging makeup.
• To be able to wear makeup even when visually challenged, which can make applying makeup difficult.
• To be able to wear makeup even when faced with dexterity problems like arthritis.
• To always have makeup applied even when their life or career provides little personal time.

It’s important that you meet the minimum age requirement for permanent cosmetics. It’s also helpful if you tend to heal quickly from minor wounds.

Types of Permanent Makeup

Eyeliner isn’t the only type of permanent makeup you can get, although it is among the most popular. You can also have lip makeup and eyebrow makeup applied permanently. Both top and bottom eyeliner can be permanently applied. There are a few different options when it comes to lip color, including lipliner, lipstick, and a blend of both. Some people also get permanent cosmetics to cover up scars, imitate hair (for example, to fill out eyebrows) or to add or cover up beauty marks

What Exactly Is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup and cosmetic tattoos are a type of micro-pigmentation (also called derma graphics or micro-pigment implantation), which is closely related to a regular tattoo as well as medical restoration. Ultimately, the procedures are the same, but they’re used for different reasons. Note that the type of ink used in permanent makeup is different than the ink used in traditional tattoos. The ink used in permanent makeup is more delicate than the dye used in other types of tattooing.

The very first step of getting a cosmetic tattoo is having a consultation with the tattoo artist or specialist. These consultations should be complimentary – be wary of anyone who charges you for an introductory consultation. Also, consultations don’t mean you’re agreeing to get the procedure, just that you’re interested in finding out more about it. During the consultation, the tattoo artist, doctor, or specialist will talk about the types of makeup (shapes and colors) that are the most flattering for your face shape and skin color. Often, pigments have to be blended to get the right color for your specific skin tone. This is a good time to ask to see before and after pictures of past clients who’ve received permanent makeup.

During the procedure, a needle is used to put pigmented granules underneath the top layers of your skin (technically into the dermis’ upper reticular layer). There are several devices that may be used for cosmetic tattoos, including tattoo coil machines, tattoo pens, rotary machines, and hand devices. First, an anesthetic is applied to the skin. After the initial application, a touchup visit is generally needed between one and three months after the procedure. During the followup appointments, the healing process, work, and pigment color will be evaluated. At this point, it’s also possible to adjust the permanent makeup, such as by making the effect cooler or warmer. The width of eyeliner can be adjusted as well, and other similar changes can be made.

Tattoo artists aren’t the only people who can apply permanent cosmetics. Some cosmetologists, dermatologists, nurses, and aestheticians provide the service as well. Contact Sally Hayes today to start your journey with an experienced permanent makeup artist.

How Permanent is Permanent?

When people say “permanent” makeup, do they really mean 100% permanent, as in “it will never go away”? It can be hard to tell. After all, “perms” aren’t actually permanent – those curls fall out eventually! So how permanent is a cosmetic tattoo? “Permanent” is technically the right term, since the color will never leave your skin, but in terms of appearance, cosmetic tattoos aren’t permanent in the way you think they are – they fade and can also be removed with laser tattoo removal. Read on for more about the permanency of cosmetic tattoos.

At first, the permanent makeup will look extra dark, but it won’t stay that way. During the first several days, your cosmetic tattoo will appear darker than you expected because your skin is still healing. As the skin heals, you’ll notice that the permanent makeup lightens and softens. As your skin goes through the healing process, small scabs will form, giving the makeup a deeper appearance. Eventually, these scabs will slough off. However, don’t pick at them – if you do, you may permanently scar your skin, which could affect the tattoo.

Like other tattoos, cosmetic tattoos will eventually fade. The good news is that permanent makeup fades gradually, so there won’t be any huge, noticeable difference all of a sudden. The more elements your face is exposed to (like if you spend your afternoons hanging on the beach and swimming in the ocean), the faster the permanent makeup will fade. The reason permanent cosmetics are called “permanent” is because the pigment is tattooed into the skin and can’t be removed by washing. Ultimately, when you get permanent makeup, color is injected into your body’s molecules and those molecules are permanently in your body, which means the color is as well.

The actual permanency of cosmetic tattoos will vary from person to person – an individual’s body chemistry can cause a tattoo to fade quicker than the same tattoo on somebody else. Your age, how thick your skin is, how your skin scars, and other personal factors affect how dark your makeup will appear and how much it will fade over time, as well as how quickly it will fade.

How to Take Care of Permanent Makeup

Think of your permanent makeup as a couch that’s placed near a window or outside: the more it’s exposed to sunlight, water, and other elements, the quicker it will fade. The same will happen to your permanent makeup over time, although it’s unlikely that it will ever fade away completely.
There are a few ways to keep your permanent cosmetics looking fresh, including:

• Wear SPF whenever you leave the house. Slather on a sunblock that has a minimum SPF of 45.
• Don’t exfoliate the area with the cosmetic tattoo.
• Use Vaseline over the makeup to protect it from fading when you go swimming.
• Expect to make appointments to enhance or refresh the tattoos. You’ll also want to do this if you want to change the color or style of your permanent makeup, or give yourself an overall new “look.” The lighter the color of the permanent makeup, the quicker it will fade and the more touchup appointments you’ll need.
• Use mild topical products and if you notice that a product is quickly fading the tattoo, switch to another product.
• Avoid having processes done to the skin, like facials and skin peels.
• Some medications can speed up the fade rate of permanent makeup. If you regularly take a certain medication and you think it’s making your permanent makeup fade quickly, talk to your doctor about switching medications.

How often you need to get your permanent makeup touched up depends on a lot of factors, but typically, these are the timelines for touchups:

• Blonde makeup and light taupe makeup should be touched up every ten months to one year.
• Medium-toned brown makeup needs to be touched up every year.
• Dark brown and black makeup tones need to be touched up once every one or two years, depending on how quickly the makeup fades.

Don’t believe a cosmetic tattoo artist who tells you that you won’t ever need a touch up! Even the most skilled permanent makeup specialists know that it’s impossible that a client will never need a touch up. The fact that permanent makeup fades has nothing to do with the skill of the person applying it.

Is Permanent Makeup Safe?

If you have a cosmetic tattoo applied by someone who’s familiar with and skilled in cosmetic tattoos, the procedure is relatively safe. However, there are plenty of unqualified tattoo artists who are applying cosmetic tattoos, so you’ll want to make sure you’re working with a seasoned pro. Your first tip-off will be the price. If you find someone who’s willing to do a cosmetic tattoo for cheap, steer clear of them – the quality will be as low as the price tag. The more advanced the procedure (such as scar coverup), the more important it is to seek out an experienced and qualified specialist. Contact Sally Hayes today to schedule your consultation.

Certain types of permanent makeup aren’t recommended by professionals, such as eye shadow – it’s never certain what the color is going to do once applied to the skin and you could be unhappy with the result, blush is also not recommended. Most professionals will suggest that they perform a patch test ahead of time to find out if you have any adverse reactions to the pigment.

If an allergic reaction occurs, a large part of the skin will be affected, which could result in some real damage and require serious reconstructive surgery. While it’s rare for an allergic reaction to occur, if it does, it can be extremely difficult to get rid of the irritant. Sometimes reactions don’t occur right away, but rather years later. Allergic reactions range from rashes to immune system problems.

Permanent Makeup Procedures to Cover Scars

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Throughout one’s lifetime, there are a variety of different instances that happen that leave permanent scars on one’s skin. Some of these incidents happen during childhood from normal playing, but there are sometimes incidents can cause larger scars that are harder to cover up and do not fade. A lot of physical scars are often accompanied by deep emotional scars that make these scars a reminder of a painful experience, thereby making these physical scars harder to endure.

A lot of people are familiar with permanent makeup, which allows people to go throughout their entire day without having to ever worry about their making getting messed up or running. Some of the most common permanent makeup procedures are permanent eye liner, permanent eyebrows, and permanent lip stick, but what most people do not know is that there is a procedure that allows people to cover up permanent scars on other parts of their body. Cosmetic camouflage is a newer technique that has helped thousands of people to hide permanent scars on their body that might remind them of a more painful time in their life. Below, one will be able to find out everything that they could want to know about getting cosmetic camouflage themselves.

When thinking about undergoing cosmetic camouflage treatments, one should always prepare them for a long process, because it is not an overnight fix. There is a lot of preparation that goes into having this procedure, and it might not be a viable solution for everyone that has scars or other skin abnormalities. However, if one feels that they might want to have this procedure performed, they should first and foremost speak with their primary physician about it first for recommendations on if it is a viable option or not.

What is Cosmetic Camouflage?

Cosmetic Camouflage is also known as Camouflage Tattooing. It is used in a lot of extreme cases when the appearance of one’s skin is damaged by scar tissue, and it provides the person, with the scar, an inner peace that was once damaged by the ugliness of their scars. Medical doctors have been known to refer to cosmetic camouflage as micro-pigmentation or permanent tattooing, but the general public has come to know of these procedures as permanent makeup. According to medical professionals, cosmetic camouflage is a viable option that will allow patients to permanently cover up their lifelong scars.

These procedures are considered to be quick and easy, and they have been known to not only improve a patient’s physical appearance, but by removing these scars, the patients have also been able to start a mental healing process considering they are no longer reminded of painful past experiences that their scars once provided them. In the past, medical doctors were uncertain whether this procedure would be a good idea for most of their patients, but over the years, the proven success that these procedures have provided for their clients have changed many of their opinions.

Most medical doctors now agree that cosmetic camouflage is a wonderful solution for their patients that have larger scars and wish to cover them up. Some psychiatrists have even recommended this procedure to patients who have experienced a traumatic event that has left them with both deep physical and mental scars. They feel that by getting rid of the visual scars of the experience, their patients will be able to progress further in the healing process, especially when it comes to their mental state.

Patients Should Go into Cosmetic Camouflage with Realistic Expectations

Cosmetic Camouflage is a wonderful procedure that can help patients to hide away physical scars on all parts of their bodies. However, this procedure is not a miracle worker, and the patient needs to go into the procedure with realistic expectations according to their individual situation. Scar camouflage is not a quick fix procedure. There are a lot of different aspects that a patient must endure before receiving the procedure, and one of the most important is a prolonged waiting period of at least a few months. During this time, the patient will have to be cleared by their personal physician to make sure that the procedure is safe for them to endure.

A large part of going into this procedure is knowing and understanding the limits of cosmetic camouflage. Depending on the person, this procedure may not completely and instantly clear up all visible signs of the patient’s scar or scars. Although the procedure has proven to work exquisitely, one needs to understand that not everyone will experience the same exact results. Just like any sort of cosmetic procedure, there is never any guarantee, and therefore, the patient needs to go into the procedure with realistic expectations of what they might find after the procedure.

It is important to trust the one that you choose to do this procedure. There are a lot of different professionals out there that will say and do anything in order to land their next client, but one should be aware of all aspects of the process before making that final decision. However, one should expect to see a significant improvement in the area that is being treated in as little as a couple of applications, but this is only for most cases. Some people requirement more applications than others in order to truly be able to see a significant difference in the targeted area.

What Can Cosmetic Camouflage Be Used to Cover?

As stated before, cosmetic camouflage can be used to cover up scars practically anywhere on the body. However, there are skin abnormalities and other things that it can cover up as well. All in all, there are hundreds of different types of skin abnormalities or skin conditions that cause people to hate a certain part of their body. Below, one will be able to see a few different abnormalities that are the most common that this type of procedure can help to lessen the noticeability of.

  • Birthmarks – Some people have large birthmarks on parts of their bodies that they find to be ugly. With this procedure, some degree of birthmarks can be made less visible.
  • Tattoos – There are some people who end up regretting that tattoo that they originally thought was the greatest idea at the time. With cosmetic camouflage, people can actually have the tattoo or the scar from the tattoo removal process lessened.
  • Scarring Tissue – There are a lot of different types of scars that one can have on their body. Some of them are caused by surgery, acne, or other types of trauma. Cosmetic camouflage can actually reduce the visibility of these types of scars, as well.
  • Rosacea – This is a common skin condition that a lot of people experience. This condition can leave unseemly marks on the skin, but with the cosmetic camouflage procedure, these marks can be made less visible to the naked eye.
  • Veins – Some people have to deal with their veins showing through their skin and find it unattractive. In some cases, this type of skin abnormality can be hidden by cosmetic camouflage.

These are only a few of the more common skin abnormalities that can be reduced by this type of procedure, but there are a lot of others that it can help with, as well. In order to find out if their skin abnormality can be covered by this procedure, one should first contact their physician to make sure that it is safe to do so.

How Should One Choose Their Permanent Makeup Artist?

There are a lot of things that one should consider when they are trying to find the perfect permanent makeup artist to perform their cosmetic camouflage procedure. A permanent makeup artist is a lot like a surgeon and just as much thought should go into finding the right artist. After all, one wouldn’t want just anyone cutting them for a medical procedure, and they should take just as much thought into who is going to perform their permanent makeup procedure. Throughout the waiting process, one will learn a great deal of information about the actual procedure and what they should expect. However, they should also receive several medical opinions on the necessity of the procedure as well as local permanent makeup artists who are available to do the procedure.

It is imperative that one thoroughly checks out the artist’s credentials. When one is preparing to go into a surgical procedure, they know that all surgeons regardless of their specialization have to abide by all of the same safety, ethical, and professional standards and regulations. However, when it comes to permanent makeup artists, the industry itself is not as up-to-date as medical surgery. In order to avoid choosing the wrong permanent make technician, one should always be prepared to ask as many questions as possible. For instance, due to the lack of progress in this newer industry, there are a lot of permanent makeup technicians that promote say they are “certified”. Although this may be true, the standards are lower for what classifies as certified in this industry.

Some of the “certified” permanent makeup technicians in the industry have worked on as little as five actual people. In most people’s books, this is not enough to satisfy their standards to actually use them. However, the only way that one will know for sure is by asking questions. After all, it is their right to know exactly who is performing their procedure due to the fact that it is there body, and they are paying for these procedures.

Just like anything else in the medical field, one should always make sure that the technician one chooses to perform this procedure is not only certified but they should also have all of the credentials that proves they know what they are actually doing. For instance, one should thoroughly check and make sure that the chosen technician not only has the skills, experience, knowledge and training to perform the procedure, they should also process a caring approach to all of their clients. After all, they are to be covering up scars that may already be from a traumatic experience in their life. There is no reason for that to be made even worse by hiring the wrong technician and have that area come out even worse than before increasing the psychological scar that it already possesses.

The Finishing Touch of Camouflage Permanent Makeup Procedures

All in all, cosmetic camouflage is one of the newest techniques available for people to get in order to cover up a long lasting scar that they want to get rid of. People need to do research before deciding to get cosmetic camouflage. They need to know what to expect from the procedure before and after it is performed. The decision to have cosmetic camouflage should not be taken lightly. However, the procedure can and has provided a lot of people with a new beginning by removing the scars from their bodies that might remind them of a bad time in their life. People who are thinking about having this procedure should weigh the pros and cons of having it before making the final decision, and they need to make sure that they have thoroughly checked out the permanent makeup technician’s credentials.