Permanent Makeup Helps Lift Self-Esteem

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A multitude of Sally Hayes’ happy clients will tell you how permanent makeup helps lift self-esteem. 

Regardless of how often people may tell a woman she is pretty or attractive, it is probably safe to say that every woman has some nagging little feature she would like to change.   As women, we are naturally inclined to zero in on one tiny little feature, blemish or scar, and attach a neon sign to it in our own minds.  Permanent makeup is definitely one of the fastest, easiest, and least-expensive ways to not only correct something we do not like, but also a way to enhance the features with which we were born, and in turn, lift self-esteem.

Rewards of Permanent Makeup

Sally Hayes has the pleasure of making women feel good about the way they look.  When we feel good about the way we look, it affects every aspect of our lives not the least of which is our self-confidence, and even our physical and emotional health.  Feeling good about our appearance gives us an overall sense of health and well-being.

Sally has never had a client say, “I regret having permanent makeup applied,” but she has heard hundreds of clients say, “Why on earth did I wait so long?”  Sally will tell you this is what makes her career as a highly sought-after and highly respected permanent makeup artist so delightful and rewarding.  Even leading plastic surgeons refer their clients to Sally to further enhance their patient’s plastic surgery procedures.

Sally Hayes can Lift Self-Esteem

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Tips for Making Permanent Makeup Last Longer

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After a permanent makeup procedure, Sally Hayes will give you several tips for making permanent makeup last longer, including:

  • Avoid using alpha-hydroxy products and ointments directly on the permanent makeup area such as eyebrows or lips.
  • Do not exfoliate your eyebrows or lips.
  • Keep your eyebrows and lips hydrated with moisturizer (without retinol or alpha-hydroxy) creams.
  • Keep your body hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of water daily.
  • Use sunscreen to avoid bleaching by the sun.

Permanent Makeup Compared to Other Tattoos

It is important to understand that while permanent makeup is permanent, it will fade more than other tattoos you may have or have seen on other people.  This fading is because permanent makeup is not applied in the same way as a tattoo, nor is the color as dark as the colors used in tattoos.    Follow-up visits to have your permanent makeup touch-ups largely depend upon individual clients and his or her life-style.  Many clients wait two years or longer for their touch-ups depending upon their skin type, how often they sunbathe and how they care for their skin.  Some patients are perfectly happy with their permanent makeup and never feel the need to have a touch-up.  Again, it is simply up to each individual.

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Will Permanent Makeup Hurt?

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The art of permanent makeup is so well-known in today’s world, and most people have already done a great deal of research before they make a commitment to trying it themselves, that this question is seldom asked anymore; however, for the record, permanent makeup applications should not hurt.

To ensure that permanent makeup or micropigmentation is properly and skillfully applied, and to ensure that its application does not hurt, you should always find an experienced and skilled permanent makeup artist.

Permanent Makeup without Pain

Sally Hayes has personal experience with the application of permanent makeup by applying her own to her eyebrows and lips several times over the years.  Neither application caused any pain whatsoever.  In addition, a friend applied permanent eyeliner to Sally without causing any pain.

Through the years, Sally has never had a client tell her they experienced pain during the procedures.

For every permanent makeup procedure, a topical anesthetic is applied shortly before beginning the application.  You may experience a light scratching sensation for permanent eyebrows and permanent eyeliner, but certainly not any pain.  You can expect your experience during your permanent makeup procedures to be positive and one you will not regret.

Extra Measures to Reduce the Hurt for Lips

Since a woman’s lips are always sensitive, during the permanent makeup application to the lips, Sally has an experienced registered nurse working with her to apply what she refers to as a “dental block,” which is what a dentist uses during a dental procedure only using less medication than a dentist does.  You can rest assured that the results will be the luscious lips you have dreamed of having without any pain.

You will not regret having any permanent makeup procedure done by Sally Hayes, and, in fact, you will be delighted with the way you look.

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Tattoos vs. Makeup

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Sally is often asked why permanent makeup fades faster than body tattoos.  It’s important to keep in mind that while permanent makeup is permanent, the color will fade over time simply due to several facts that include:

  • The skin on your fact is thinner than body skin, and must be placed shallower into the skin
  • If permanent makeup ink was as dark as body tattooing ink, you would wind up looking garish and unnatural in your appearance
  • We use many beauty products on our faces, including facial scrubs or tools to exfoliate,  that cause the permanent makeup to fade
  • Our facial skin and features (eyebrows, lips, and eyelids) are exposed to the sun virtually every day
  • Permanent makeup artists do use the same ink on the face as body tattoo artists use on the body; however, it is diluted for a natural appearance, and formulated for cosmetic pigmentation to avoid faster-spreading ink with smaller particles.  Tattoo artists do not have to be concerned about this, and, in fact, most people prefer to have darker tattoos on their bodies.

When permanent makeup is applied to a blonde, fair-skinned individual’s face, Sally will naturally use a lighter ink than is used on a darker skinned person with dark hair, eyebrows, etc.  The lighter the ink, the faster the person is likely to need a touch-up of their permanent makeup.

Tips to Prolong Makeup Tattoos

Sally always recommends that clients are careful to avoid using exfoliators on their eyebrows or lips, and includes any creams with retinol, which will cause the color to fade faster. Also, wear sunscreen daily.

Touch-ups to your color can be applied quickly. How often you will need a touch-up will depend upon each individual woman, and their individual preferences.

Contact Sally Hayes today for a free consultation and be on your way to a carefree beauty routine.

A Permanent Makeup St. Patrick’s Day To Forget

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Sally Hayes Permanent MakeupOops. I apologize to St. Patrick and all of my Irish friends. I totally forgot to wear any green at all today. Surprisingly, I also didn’t see much green on anyone else this fine St. Patrick’s Day either. I wonder why.

Actually, you’d think I was running some sort of Green Lip Tattoo promotion or something considering how busy I was doing permanent makeup on a St. Patrick’s Day in Scottsdale. Usually I only work half days on Saturdays but not this one.

Perhaps because I was out of town 2 days this week for Permanent Makeup New York appointments, the Luck of the Irish brought me 15 different procedures today and I also did a handful of consultations for women who are coming in soon for permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, and permanent lip makeup.

Despite my feeling rushed, every client was most pleasant today. Maybe they had a green beer or two on the way to get relaxed for their procedures.

Not me, if I do enjoy a taste of St. Patrick’s Day later it’ll probably be an Arizona favorite – a margarita. It’s funny how possibly my favorite place for these in Scottsdale is a Chinese Restaurant…P.F. Chang’s. I also love their green beans appetizer. There, I’ll get my green on today after all.

Here’s wishing you a Safe and Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Cheers!

Slow the Wrinkles: How Permanent Makeup Can Help With Wrinkles

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No one likes wrinkles on their face; however, when we put eyeliner on our eyelids, we usually wind up stretching the skin tightly across our eyelid in order to apply the eyeliner properly.  Over time, the skin loses its resiliency, and the skin becomes so stretched that wrinkles begin to form making it virtually impossible to apply eyeliner that does not further enhance the wrinkles.

We often fail to consider that the skin surrounding our eyes is thinner than the skin on any other part of our bodies, and stretching it will cause wrinkles to form.

Triumph Over Wrinkles

A huge advantage over wrinkles is achieved when we have permanent eyeliner applied to our eyes.  We no longer have to worry about stretching the skin in this sensitive area, and creating unnecessary wrinkles. In addition, permanent eyeliner helps to enhance our natural beauty and gives us a fresh wide-eyed appearance when we wake up each day.

Sally Hayes derives a great deal of pleasure out of helping clients feel better and more confident about themselves by providing them with a natural and more youthful look, and giving them more time to enjoy day-to-day pleasures without the hassle of trying to get their eyeliner just right every morning.  Wonderful stories and feedback from clients are a delight to hear after their permanent makeup eyeliner has been applied and they suddenly become aware of the amount of time it took to apply their eyeliner each morning.  They are truly amazed and delighted by how little time they have to spend with their beauty routine each morning after they treated themselves to this procedure.  They also find it difficult to believe they waited so long to have it done.

Sally Hayes: Your Answer to a No-Hassle Beauty Routine

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Preparing For Your Permanent Makeup Procedure with Sally Hayes

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There are steps you need to take in preparing for your permanent makeup procedure(s), so it may be wise to prepare in advance of your consultation with Sally Hayes.  Many of Sally’s clients are so enthusiastic and excited about having their procedures done that they often request to set an appointment as quickly as possible.  If you haven’t prepared your skin and body in advance, it may delay your ability to have permanent makeup applied for several days.

Sally advises her clients to prepare for their permanent makeup procedures by doing the following:

  • Do not use any blood thinners one week (seven days) before the procedure. This includes aspirin and other medications such as Advil, Ibuprofen, Excedrin, Coumadin, Warfarin, in addition to some supplements such as fish oil, magnesium, vitamin E, etc.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol.
  • Vitamin K supplements may help your skin to heal faster and help to avoid bruising, which can cause poor overall results in some cases.  Arnica may also assist in the healing process to help avoid bruising and swelling.
  • If you have a history of cold sores, fever blisters, etc., you will need to take the proper medication before and after your permanent makeup procedure for your lips.  Talk to your doctor about taking Oil of Oregano or Lysine.
  • Stop using facial lotions containing mineral oil, alpha-hydroxyl, glycolic products, Renovo, Retain A, or Accutane for the week prior to your appointment and for two weeks after your procedure.

Always make your permanent makeup artist aware of any medications you are taking, and also check with your physician concerning any prescriptions they have prescribed to see if they should be stopped, or if you should delay the procedure until you have finished taking them.

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How to Pick What Permanent Makeup Procedure You Should Do

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When you start thinking about permanent makeup procedures, it’s important to talk with a permanent makeup artist to help you decide how to pick what to get done first.  Sally Hayes meets with each client for a free consultation to help them decide which procedure they will benefit from the most.  During the consultation, Sally will discuss your expectations, assist you in choosing the colors that match your skin tone, the shape you desire for your eyebrows and/or lips, and advise you regarding caring for your skin following each procedure.  Sally will also inform you as to how often you may need to have a touch-up following the initial touch-up that usually takes place four-to-six weeks after your permanent makeup is applied.

Considerations for Permanent Makeup

Choosing the permanent makeup you want to have applied first is largely determined by personal preference and the facial feature you believe needs the most attention.  In many cases, Sally Hayes’ clients decide to have a full facial enhancement during one appointment. Of course, this does provide many benefits, which include less down-time if you had to set separate appointments for each procedure, less time for healing after each appointment since healing would take place all at once, and the benefit of giving yourself a totally new, fresh, and youthful appearance in one setting.

You have so much to gain in time and self-confidence by taking advantage of having permanent makeup applied.  Your only regret will be that you didn’t have it done sooner.

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The Creation of Perfect Permanent Eyebrows

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Have you ever noticed just how much a person’s eyebrows influence the way you view that person?

Our eyebrows frame our faces making us look well groomed, or ill-kept, sad, or happy, elderly, or even angry if they are furrowed.

Since your eyebrows frame your eyes, you always want them to be an enhancement to your eyes and not the focal point.  The shape, color, and thickness of your eyebrows will have a dramatic effect on your overall appearance. Creating the perfect permanent eyebrows takes someone with many years of experience.  Sally Hayes has over twenty years of experience applying permanent eyebrow makeup, and is highly sought after by clients across the U.S.

It is imperative to consider the color and shape you want your eyebrows to be before you commit to permanent eyebrows.  Sally Hayes will meet with you personally to help you select the perfect color and shape for the look you desire to achieve.  In addition, before the permanent color is applied, Sally will apply the same color by brushing it on and shaping your eyebrows the way they will appear when the permanent eyebrow makeup is applied.  This step eliminates any concern or surprises on your part.

Permanent eyebrows not only enhance your overall appearance, but it also makes getting ready for the day much easier by decreasing the amount of time you spend each day attempting to draw on your eyebrows, and never being truly happy with their appearance.

Contact Sally Hayes today to schedule an appointment to pamper yourself with this enhancement to your beauty.