Bad Permanent Makeup

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Since I began my career in the permanent makeup industry over twenty-five years ago, I have seen bad permanent makeup in all colors, shapes, and sizes.  The damage that it does is not only physical, but also psychological, and it hurts me to see the emotional pain this causes others.

You do not have to be an expert permanent makeup artist to spot bad permanent makeup, and if you have invested the time and money into having permanent makeup applied, it’s your worst nightmare, and mine, when I am trying to fix this damage that someone else has done.

Unfortunately, bad permanent makeup is easy to see, and if you’re looking in the mirror and wondering if you have experienced a bad permanent makeup application, you probably have.

Undetectable is a Good Sign

Permanent makeup should be undetectable, and not something that can be seen the way you see a body tattoo.  When I say it should be “undetectable,” I mean that when someone looks at you, they should not be wondering if you have permanent eyebrows, permanent lipstick, or permanent eyeliner, they should simply see a face that looks youthful and refreshed.

My permanent makeup technique is to blend the colors with your natural skin tones, whether it’s your permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, or permanent lip makeup.  This is also the technique I use for camouflaging facelift scars, or tattooing areolas.  This technique gives you a subtle and natural look.

Women travel across the U.S., and sometimes around the world, to have me apply their permanent makeup, and all too often ask me to repair their bad permanent makeup inflicted by someone who had very little training, but still referred to themselves as a “permanent makeup artist.”  It’s painful to see, and no one should have to experience it.

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Avoid Permanent Makeup Mistakes the Right Way

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There are a plethora of reasons to have permanent makeup applied, including giving yourself a brighter, fresher, and youthful look; but before you make your final decision regarding your permanent makeup artist, you need to do your homework.  This is the right way to avoid permanent makeup mistakes.

I am not the only qualified makeup artist, but my clients will testify to the fact that I am one of the very best.  While many people make up their minds to use me once they see my website, my TV commercials, or YouTube videos, it is not unusual for me to recommend that some clients seek a second opinion before making their final decision.

My goal is for every client to be completely elated with the change in their appearance.  Many clients have come to me in tears after their permanent makeup experience went wrong after using another artist.  As a makeup artist, I do feel badly for these women even though I know that it is good for me from a professional perspective since I am almost always able to repair the damage, and give them the look to enhance their appearance that they hoped to achieve the first time.

There are times when permanent makeup cannot be repaired immediately, and I will be honest in giving my opinion and sound advice for a solution even though it may require painful laser treatments, or even surgery to remove the damage, before I can do their permanent makeup the right way.

The following five examples will help you avoid permanent makeup gone wrong:

Do your research… Google it!

Take advantage of one your most powerful tools by learning about permanent makeup procedures, techniques, benefits and potential pitfalls.  Research the permanent makeup artists and their reviews.

The Look You Don’t See

Always remember that you do not want someone to look at you and say, “Oh, she has had some cosmetic tattooing done.”  Permanent make-up is cosmetic tattooing, but it should look natural by subtly enhancing the natural beauty in your facial features.  This is only accomplished if the permanent makeup blends smoothly with your skin tones, and is not an example of a passing color fad, or fashion trend.  Your permanent makeup is applied to outlast fads and fashion trends!

Beware – Permanent Makeup has Experienced Rapid Growth, but Slow Regulation

I began my career in the permanent makeup industry in 1988, and during the past twenty-five years the industry has experienced rapid growth without regulations or standards.  Unfortunately, you do not have to have extensive training or experience to call yourself a permanent makeup artist.

Always Schedule a Consultation First

Once you have completed your research and narrowed down your choices, schedule a consultation with two or three permanent makeup artists.  As a rule, these consultations are complimentary, and you should not be charged.  Ask yourself if you like their personal appearance, including their makeup; listen to their opinions, and make sure you have confidence in them and feel comfortable with what they are telling you.  Always ask them to apply topical makeup using the same colors that will be used in the permanent makeup process so you can see in advance how it will look on you.

Make an Informed Choice Before Allowing a Permanent Makeup Artist to Work on You

If you do your homework, you will be able to find the right permanent makeup artist for you.  After researching on the internet, ask friends, or acquaintances who have gone through the permanent makeup process and achieved positive results to give you recommendations.

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You Will Not Find Groupon Offers for Sally Hayes Salon

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While there are many great discount offers on venues such as Groupon, you will never find offers for the expert permanent makeup application Sally Hayes provides. Groupon and other online discount sites are great ways for new companies and specialists to grow their business. However, when you consider permanent makeup, do you really want to help give a technician the opportunity to experiment with your face?

Nothing Matters More than Experience

Permanent makeup can be a simple procedure that leads to astounding and lasting beauty enhancements or it can become your worst nightmare. Sally has many, too many, clients who come to her in tears because of permanent makeup tattoos that have clown-like results. While she is able to offer these clients help, bad permanent makeup repair is time-consuming, expensive and difficult. Realizing great results for the first application is not only much easier, but also much less costly than repairing poor results.

Avoid Groupon Salons

A Groupon ad for permanent makeup should raise a red flag and cause you to right down the name of the salon so you can ensure you never enter their doors. When deciding who will apply your permanent makeup, the most critical step you can take is researching the artist’s history and reputation. If there are no references or history, keep looking.

You will never regret choosing Sally Hayes as your permanent makeup artist. Her diligence and expertise are known throughout the country. Many plastic surgeons send clients to her, and she receives a tremendous amount of referrals from past clients. Contact Sally Hayes today to schedule your consultation.

Questions to Ask Before You Commit to Permanent Makeup

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Before you make a commitment to have permanent makeup applied, Sally Hayes suggests you ask the following questions:

  • Will the procedure be painful?
  • Can I expect my permanent makeup to last indefinitely?
  • How long can I expect it to take before I can go out in public again after my permanent makeup application?
  • If I am considering plastic surgery, should I wait to have permanent makeup applied?
  • Is it possible to wear makeup over the permanent makeup, such as with permanent lipstick?
  • What do I need to do in order to prepare for permanent makeup application?
  • What if I decide to change the color of my hair?
  • Is permanent makeup safe?
  • What method of application do you use, and why?
  • How long does each application take?
  • How can I be sure that the colors will be right for me?
  • Will I consult with the person who actually applies the permanent makeup or with someone else first?

Sally Hayes takes great pride in the fact that plastic surgeons in Las Vegas, California, New York and around the world frequently refer their patients to her for further enhancement following plastic surgery.  She has also found that many clients who thought they may want plastic surgery in addition to permanent makeup often decide they are so satisfied with the results that they no longer desire plastic surgery. She meets with each client herself to ensure that she fully understands their hopes and expectations.

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The Brutality Of Bad Permanent Makeup Lips

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I had to bite my lips on this one. Let me tell you. As you’ll see and hear in the video below of my latest appearance on Phoenix television, I managed to keep my emotions in check and keep things professional. If only I could have given a “shout out” and spread the name of the guilty party all over the Arizona airwaves. “So and so did some God awful permanent makeup lips!” That might have been yummy.   : )

There’s just no excuse for bad permanent makeup lips. But sadly it seems to happen every day. Ugh. It hurts every woman who is the recipient of it. But those of us who are professional permanent makeup artists are victimized because shoddy work gives the entire industry an undeserved black eye.

And speaking of black…..what happened to Dr. Alice Hopper is inexcusable as well as inconceivable. 

This beautiful blonde haired woman (with inner beauty to match) came to me months ago after being referred by a doctor friend of hers. She was lovely. I knew she had a good sense of humor. However there was nothing funny about her lips. The look of them made Alice cry. They almost did the same to me. Poor Alice’s lips were somehow black.

It broke my heart and made my blood pressure rise because I was so friggin’ mad. Alice was on the way to feeling like a complete woman after overcoming a battle against lip cancer.

The Phoenix area technician who did Alice’s procedure did an absolutely terrible job. It looked downright awful, embarrassing. But that’s not even the worst part. It was intimidating! I wasn’t even sure there was anything I could do to fix it. And that is saying something since I have seen and fixed enough bad permanent makeup over my 26 year career to ink both sides of the road from Scottsdale to my New York office location.

Personally and professionally I am thrilled to say there is a happy ending to this bad permanent makeup lips story. We’ll be featuring another video interview with Alice very soon. But in this video you’ll discover the magic of Santa came early for her. Maybe it was through a little help from Sally. Or maybe it’s because her loving husband’s name is Klaus.

Bad Permanent Makeup Haunts Women Across U.S.

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bad permanent cosmeticsMistakes on the face are hard to hide. And when they’re shoddy cosmetic tattoos, they don’t wipe off easily like topical makeup. Nor can they easily be covered up with clothing like many body art tattoos. As Halloween 2012 approaches, permanent makeup artist Sally Hayes cautions how bad permanent makeup procedures are haunting unsuspecting women across America seeking the popular beauty and lifestyle benefits of permanent cosmetics. And she offers expert advice on how to prevent this.

New York, NY. (PRWEB) October 17, 2012

Trick or Treat? This is the all too common question facing women wanting today’s widespread popular solution of permanent makeup. Will they get the treat of a consistently natural-looking improved appearance which also saves them time and effort every day? Or will they wind up wearing scary looking results on their face which leave them feeling tricked, troubled, or maybe even traumatized?

“Women need to know bad permanent makeup isn’t a Halloween thing,” says expert artist Sally Hayes. “It’s an everyday occurrence. I have women coming to me 52 weeks a year from all over the country hoping I can magically fix their tattooed eyebrows, eyeliner, or lips botched by an poorly skilled provider. Depending on the severity of cases, I can do it sometimes. But often I have to recommend women for a series of laser treatments or even plastic surgery in certain circumstances before I can do their procedures properly.”

The permanent makeup industry is not regulated like many other industries. There are no uniform minimum requirements for training or standard testing of skills to pass. Certification in many cases is a credential which can simply be purchased with a credit card from an industry organization. Not all technicians are artists, and not all are qualified let alone being equal. Currently, the ultimate answer to the trick or treat question with permanent makeup today is the responsibility of the person seeking the service.

Hayes who has successfully performed tens of thousands of eyebrow tattoo, permanent eyeliner, and permanent lip makeup procedures since 1986, knows every woman can’t come to her offices in Scottsdale-Phoenix, New York City, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas. So, she regularly counsels women across America who contact her for professional advice.

“Permanent makeup makes it easy for any woman to look more beautiful and more youthful, and to save time and effort with her appearance every day. But just because the benefits of cosmetic tattooing are proven doesn’t mean the skills and experience of every person offering the service are also proven. Don’t take the process lightly and blindly assume the artist in the shopping center nearest your home or job will do a good job or even knows how to do a good job.

I advise women to protect themselves by applying time and effort to become educated consumers before deciding to have any kind of cosmetic tattooing procedure. I highly recommend doing online research, seeking referrals from qualified, trusted people, asking any and all questions, going for in person consultations to observe the professionalism of the service provider and their work space, do whatever it takes to make the most informed decision possible.”

Hayes is protective of the women like herself who want to look their best but without the neverending hassle of applying, re-applying, and removing makeup every day and night. She is also protective of the field she chose more than 25 years ago. “I admit getting bad permanent makeup can be a painful experience physically, emotionally, and financially. But applied properly by a true professional permanent makeup artist, it can give a woman the greatest value and benefits in the beauty industry which she will enjoy for years at a time.”

About Sally Hayes Permanent Makeup

Sally Hayes is widely regarded as a leading expert in permanent cosmetics. She is often recommended and referred by the nation’s top plastic surgeons. Since 1986, she has been relieving women from their daily makeup grind and enabling them to enjoy natural-looking enhancements to add beauty and youthfulness, as well as confidence and freedom. from their daily grind with makeup. With office locations in New York, NY, Phoenix-Scottsdale, AZ, Las Vegas, NV, and Los Angeles, CA, she specializes in undetectable permanent eyeliner, eyebrow tattoos, permanent lip makeup, and cosmetic camouflage for post-surgery facelift scars and areolas.

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Fireworks Injuries Are Seasonal. Bad Permanent Makeup Results Are Year-Round Across U.S.

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sally-hayes-permanent-makeup-manhattanAs America celebrates the 4th of July 2012, Permanent Makeup New York Expert, Sally Hayes, points out recent statistics showing most fireworks injuries are seasonal. Meanwhile, she announces the results she sees from bad permanent makeup procedures done by poorly skilled technicians which are hurting unsuspecting women all year long. These makeup mishaps are turning American dreams for enhanced and easy to manage permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, and permanent lip makeup into real-life nightmares.

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 03, 2012

Americans enjoy freedom. In many states, this includes freedom of choice regarding fireworks. Some 9,600 people (68% male – 32% female) were injured by fireworks in 2011, 4 of them killed, according to a just released by a Consumer Products Safety Commission study. The fireworks report says 65% of the injuries came within 30 days of July 4th festivities.

While fireworks injuries have a bigger bang to them, the damage done across the U.S. by the backfiring of cosmetic tattooing may be even more widespread. Women seeking this time-saving solution for a more beautiful and youthful face are finding themselves looking worse and feeling worse about their appearance.

“It’s a growing problem which seems to be rising along with the popularity of permanent makeup,” admits Sally Hayes, an expert artist who’s performed tens of thousands of successful procedures over her more than 25-year career. “This year, I’m referring more than 20 clients a month with bad permanent makeup so poorly done I can’t even fix it right away,” says Hayes. “It needs to be removed by costly and painful laser treatments or cosmetic surgery. In my business, this black eye has basically doubled in the past two years.”

Like the fireworks industry, permanent makeup is a multi-million dollar industry in the U.S. But because it doesn’t have the same kind of regulations on the federal, state, or local government levels, it lacks uniform standards for training and licensing.

“I’m not surprised any more by bad permanent makeup. I’m terrified by it,” says prominent Las Vegas Cosmetic Surgeon, Julio L. Garcia, M.D. “People think it seems so easy. It’s like too many practitioners know the basic maneuvers but they don’t know the impact on the end result. It’s like they know some moves but have no clue how to play chess.”

Hayes has women come to her offices in New York, Scottsdale, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, whose dreams of permanent makeup turned quickly into nightmares. “Many women buy into all the daily benefits of permanent makeup, but they don’t think enough about who will be providing this service with long-lasting results,” says Hayes. “They go in smiling to any technician near their home or place of work, but too often they walk out wearing scary looking eyebrows, eyeliner, or lips, which don’t wipe off. And to make matters worse, they’re now facing with the ongoing emotional pain of having to spend even more time every day doing makeup trying to hide the mistakes on their face.”

Hayes’ advice is to research permanent makeup artists before getting any procedures. Look at websites, videos and photos of their work. Seek referrals from those who trust who have had permanent makeup or know about it. Dr. Garcia adds, “It is up to the individual to learn about a cosmetic professional’s credentials. This is the key to the whole scenario. And it’s important to remember when you trust your face to a proven expert, you’re not only paying for their knowledge of what to do for you, but their knowledge of knowing what not to do.”

About Sally Hayes Permanent Makeup 

Sally Hayes is widely recognized as the permanent makeup industry’s expert artist. She is referred and endorsed by many of the country’s top cosmetic surgeons, and has performed tens of thousands of procedures as a full-time permanent makeup artist. Her popular website is seen as the leading online authority on permanent makeup.

Permanent Makeup With A Chain Saw!

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I’ve never seen anything like it! You probably haven’t either. A friend of mine who knows how I feel about the dangers of bad permanent makeup sent this to me. I thought he was joking. Click to see for yourself.

Fixing Bad Permanent Makeup – Bad Permanent Eyebrows

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Bad Permanent Eyebrows“Two wrongs don’t make a right.” No doubt you’ve heard this saying directly. Chances are by now in your life you’ve probably even spoken this adage yourself. At any rate, you might find it helpful to remember the “two wrongs don’t make a right” lesson when it comes to considering bad permanent makeup correction or actually fixing bad permanent makeup.

Breathe. Focus. Have a clear goal and mission based on knowledge of acts and not emotion. Fixing bad permanent makeup is not about saving money. It is not about saving face. Fixing bad permanent makeup is about saving your face, protecting your appearance and preserving your positive, self-image for years to come.

Yelling at the person who did your bad permanent makeup might feel good. Check that, it might feel great. But it won’t solve your problem. If you are that upset, then you can request or demand your money back. Whether or not you get it, you can treat this financial matter as a separate issue. You can explore legal action. You can share your experiences online to help others exploring permanent makeup. Whatever you do, take your medicine so to speak and move on to finding the cosmetic solution for your face.

Bad Permanent Eyebrows/Eyebrow Tattoos

Since an eyebrow tattoo or permanent eyebrows is the most popular procedure I do in each of my permanent makeup locations in Scottsdale, AZ, Las Vegas, NV, Los Angeles, CA, and New York, NY, let’s look closely now at fixing them. The reality is eyebrows are not only the most popular choice for permanent makeup, they are often the most difficult to cover-up.

If a so-called permanent makeup artist gave you a bad case of permanent makeup, don’t just assume she or he will magically get it right the second time. There’s rarely a charm in this situation. Many people often come to me saying the person actually made a bigger mess trying to fix the bad permanent makeup job they did the first time. While this person obviously wants to do well and stay in business, he or she may not be able to help you. Remember, “two wrongs don’t make a right.”

If you leaped into love with the benefits of permanent makeup but didn’t choose your permanent makeup artist wisely, then don’t rush into this person’s chair again a second time. Remember, “two wrongs don’t make a right.”

I know every woman has high hopes when she gets permanent makeup. It looks great and makes your life and your appearance so much easier for years at a time. But only if and when you have it done right the first time.

I know having to wear bad permanent makeup hurts you. It hurts me to see it. I know you just wish it never happened. I know you just want it to go away. But you have to calm down and really think clearly.

Whether or not you got at least a second opinion before you had your bad permanent makeup done, you will definitely want to do it this time. And don’t simply go back to the same ones you consulted before. The permanent makeup artist who promotes cash discounts, or the one who works closest to your home, job, or gym, may not be the best alternative especially when your face is already messed up with bad permanent makeup.

This no time to pinch pennies or save time on a shorter commute. Seek out the most reputable and experienced permanent makeup professionals you can. After doing so, you will then have input from multiple reliable sources and can make an informed decision about what to do next, or the equally important “what not to do next.”

Based on nearly a quarter of a century of experience, I want to help you beyond just having you remember “two wrongs don’t make a right.” So, keep in mind this important point:

“Cosmetic surgery to remove your bad permanent eyebrows is often the only quick fix.”

Here are some additional helpful permanent makeup tips for you to remember especially when it comes to fixing bad permanent eyebrows:

  • The darker the eyebrows, the more applications it will take to fix them. Jumping right back into another permanent makeup procedure might not even be advised. You might require laser therapy. And this isn’t instant gratification either. You might need anywhere from 3 to 20 treatments spaced a month to 6 weeks apart. Then you can get permanent makeup done right.
  • The same theory applies if you are using a color corrector to bring an eyebrow down from black to brown. You have to give your skin a break and allow it to heal. Otherwise you will build up scarring. This is why I have the courage to tell new clients the harsh truth sometimes that if their eyebrows are badly misshaped or in the wrong position, the best and quickest solution is to consult with one of the plastic surgeons I work with regularly.
  • If your permanent eyebrows are solid “Jet Black” and have the wrong placement, my recommendation is usually to surgically remove them and start over. Fix the problem. Learn from your mistake and move on. Get your permanent makeup done right the second time and enjoy all the benefits which will last you for years.
  • If your tattooed eyebrows are gray but not too dark, you can use a brow color corrector.  You’ll only want to use ORANGE. This will help to lighten the eyebrows and turn them back to a brown.
  • The darker the color of your permanent eyebrows, the more applications it will take to bring them back to a brown shade. Try thinking about it this way. You have a black wall. How many coats will it take to achieve painting it a light color?
  • If your tattooed eyebrows are a blueish black or gray blue color, you have to be extremely careful with color correction. You don’t want to turn your eyebrows an even more unnatural shade of green or teal. This is an all too common mistake and reminder of how “two wrongs don’t make a right.”
  • If your permanent eyebrows are red, but they are the right shape, you might just be okay. You should be able to use a color corrector of green to turn back to brown.
  • If you wound up with purple permanent eyebrows, there is a solution. You can usually apply a yellow to turn them back to brown.
  • If you have eyebrow tattoos which are in the wrong place, are multi-colored, or too dark, it’s never a case of one and done. You need to do multiple treatments to remove the bad permanent makeup. NOTE TO SELF: You absolutely should not take another color and try to cover up the damage. If you do, you’ll only create a color you’d never want or one you cannot fix without surgery.

Most people do not realize how expensive, painful, and time consuming it is to remove a bad permanent eyebrows job. So know if you are going through this at least you are not alone. Remember, “two wrongs don’t make a right.” Remember, there is a solution. And remember, this is temporary. It may not feel like it but this too shall pass. Best of luck!