Plastic Surgery Pro Takes NYC Permanent Makeup Plunge

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permanent makeup nyc sally hayes renee vellingaRenee Vellinga was not a “tattoo person.” She did not have a single piece of body art. She was a plastic surgery person. Truth be told, she never really considered the benefits of permanent makeup and the difference it could make in saving her time and effort in her very active lifestyle.

Renee works as a patient care coordinator at Tribeca Plastic Surgery downtown on Hudson Street in Lower Manhattan. She’d admitted she enjoyed the benefits of receiving various cosmetic services such as dermal fillers on herself. This also helped her in her work because she could talk using first hand knowledge with patients interested in the various services the practice offers.

At first it was from a distance, or perhaps a place of simple curiosity. But it didn’t take long for Renee to begin noticing the enhanced but natural-looking results my Permanent Makeup New York clients were enjoying following their procedures. The fact that she was receiving unsolicited positive feedback from clients also played a role in Renee forming an opinion about what it is I do for women.

She was seeing how attractive this process is to those who want a more beautiful and youthful appearance. In our so-called “fast food society,” permanent makeup procedures offer instant gratification with a mini-makeover without the lengthy process of pre-surgery and post-surgery issues.

But personally Renee was really lured by the time saving and worry-free benefits of permanent makeup. Renee leads quite an active life. In addition to her career as a plastic surgery professional, she is also a singer in a band. In addition, she is  committed to morning cross fit workouts at a gym in Queens.

Today it’s safe to say Renee is a cosmetic tattoo person. I did her eyebrow tattoo procedure as well as her permanent eyeliner. In this video you see her right after I did her second application. Her eyebrows have lightened to how they look now in the above photo.

Sally Hayes Permanent Makeup Update

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Quick update…Just returning from a few days at my Permanent Makeup Los Angeles location.

Week of June 18th: Working out of Permanent Makeup Scottsdale office all week with a few openings available for consultations and procedures.

Week of June 25th: Starting week at Permanent Makeup New York office in Tribeca Plastic Surgery. Openings available for consultations and procedures.

Meantime, here’s a fun music video to enjoy and maybe get your foot tapping if you want to take the first step on making your life easier and enhancing your appearance.

Psychic Predicts Expansion Beauty For Permanent Makeup Expert

Written by: Sally Hayes Date of published: .

Before Sally Hayes became the nation’s leading permanent makeup expert artist for permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, permanent lip makeup, and cosmetic camouflage, a psychic told her the life-changing career was coming. Now in 2012, the latest predictions for Hayes are coming true…again as she expands into New York.

Sally Hayes Permanent Makeup

Janice Roper & Sally Hayes

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) May 01, 2012

The future is here now…again…for permanent makeup expert, Sally Hayes. Her longtime spiritual advisor, Janice Roper, of Scottsdale, Arizona, has forecast it…again. This time it is about Hayes expanding her permanent makeup business to New York.

Back in 1982, Roper walked in to Hayes’ Scottsdale salon to get a broken nail fixed. Not long after, she pointed a finger at Hayes warning her she would be selling her popular, high-end salon to begin a great, new career. Now starting in May, Hayes is officially expanding her popular, permanent makeup business from the West Coast into a Permanent Makeup New York setting just as Roper prepared her she would.

“When I met Janice I had just sunk over $100,000 into renovating my salon,” said Hayes. “Soon after she told me I would flying over mountains to talk to a group of doctors and it would be part of a greater, more rewarding career which would totally change my world. I thought she was crazy. But she was right.

Recently, she advised me I would expand into New York City with great success. While I absolutely love New York, I thought I was content out west. It turns out through an interesting chain of events, Janice’s guidance was right on the money again.”

Over a 25-year career which began with flying over mountains for permanent makeup training with plastic surgeons, Hayes has successfully done tens of thousands of procedures of permanent eyeliner, permanent eyebrows, permanent lip makeup, and camouflage permanent makeup for cosmetic conditions such as facelift scars and areolas. She had been based primarily in Scottsdale, Arizona, with additional permanent makeup locations in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. But now she heads east to take her skills, experience, and service to a Permanent Makeup New York location in Lower Manhattan’s chic, exclusive neighborhood where actor Robert DeNiro, and many other celebrities faces are visible, Tribeca.

As a longtime trusted advisor of Hayes and people around the world, Janice Roper follows and interprets signs for the future in a unique way. She taps into a person’s energy by blending the ancient art of reading tea leaves with another ancient practice, astrology. “The energy is always present for every person,” says Roper, “but Sally’s energy and purpose driven life to serve others is so powerful, the symbols and messages come through with great clarity.”

Today, permanent makeup is a very popular service with women who lead active lifestyles because of the convenience and long lasting value it offers. Many see wearing makeup as a necessity in their professional and personal lives. In being judged on their appearance day or night, looking good without embarrassing smudges, smears, or run-offs is an attractive option for women. “What woman doesn’t want to look and feel more confident, youthful, and save time and hassle every day?,” said Hayes. “Talk about seeing a bright future in the mirror for years to come. Permanent makeup gives it to you.”

About Sally Hayes Permanent Makeup

Sally Hayes is the permanent makeup industry’s leading expert artist. She is referred and endorsed by many of the country’s top cosmetic surgeons, and has successfully performed tens of thousands of permanent makeup procedures as a full-time permanent makeup artist since 1988. Her popular website is seen as the leading online authority on permanent makeup.

For more information, visit

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