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"I love my permanent makeup."


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Las Vegas

You know the popular slogan. Maybe you shake your head over it. Maybe you say it yourself while out on the town with your friends. Or, let’s face it. You may even be tired of it by now.

“What happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas!”

When you get great-looking tattooed eyebrows, permanent lip makeup, or permanent eyeliner by Sally Hayes Permanent Makeup in Las Vegas, it will be “Your Own Little Secret” (unless of course you choose to brag about it)! 

Las Vegas permanent makeup artistSally Hayes makes permanent makeup easy for you. She is the permanent makeup expert who has done tens of thousands of procedures specializing in providing undetectable permanent cosmetics solutions since 1988.

Others will immediately notice your new and enhanced beauty. They’ll see your familiar face but wonder and ask what is “different” about you. They’ll compliment you on your appearance and how nice you look. It’s like you’ve had a makeover.

You’ll be looking good at work, at play, doing errands, at the gym, walking the strip, and at home…even first thing in the morning. Just imagine how good it will feel to literally “wake up with makeup” and see yourself in a positive light (and have a special someone see you this way, too). To schedule your consultation call 480-951-0539 or email Sally.

It’s Your Time for Permanent Makeup Las Vegas

lasvegas1Las Vegas, NV has a busy lifestyle by day and by night. But no matter how busy you are or how busy you feel, you still have to put time and effort into looking your best as a woman. Always. Vegas is a land of glitter and glamour. It’s true with people not just casinos.

As a modern woman with an active lifestyle, what’s your time worth? Would you like to get back more of it? Permanent makeup will save you time by day and by night, weekdays and weekends. With it you’ll have no smudges, no smearing, and no rubbing off. You won’t need to apply topical makeup, but you certainly can if you want to enhance your appearance even more. And when you do, it will be much quicker and much easier. And you won’t have to worry so much like you do now.

“Declare your Cosmetic Independence!” Do it today. Schedule your consultation with Sally Hayes Permanent Makeup. Call now 480-951-0539 and explore the easiest, most natural-looking eyebrow tattoo, permanent eyeliner, and permanent lip makeup.

Gamble with your money in Las Vegas…not your one and only Beautiful Face

Las Vegas seems to have casinos, wedding chapels, convenience stores, and tattoo parlors on every commercial block. Chances are you can find probably someone in each these places who labels herself or himself a professional “permanent makeup artist.” Look out. Buyer beware.

With the rapid rise of body art tattoos across society today, came a major spark of widespread interest in permanent makeup for tattoed eyebrows, permanent lip makeup, and permanent eyeliner. The problem is the quality levels of professional training, certification, and regulation of permanent makeup artists in Las Vegas and every other city and state have not even come close to keeping up with the increased popularity of permanent cosmetics.

Unlike a tattoo on an arm, back, or leg, you can’t cover up bad permanent eyeliner with clothing. Many times it requires painful and expensive laser treatment or surgery.

Trying to hide bad permanent makeup is also quite difficult to do with topical makeup. And just having to live with this ongoing nightmare makes the stress and time consuming hassle you tried to escape from before even harder on you. This totally defeats the purpose and takes away the benefits of getting permanent makeup in the first place, right?

You have only one face. Shouldn’t you place it in the hands of a permanent makeup expert you can trust for guaranteed results?

Sally Hayes has been doing permanent makeup procedures successfully longer than many of today’s permanent makeup artists have been alive. There’s not a week goes by when multiple women come to Sally desperately hoping she can undo the damage they see and feel every day from being the victim of another case of permanent makeup gone wrong.

Be smart. Make the safe bet. Get your permanent makeup done right the first time by Sally Hayes. Doesn’t your one and only face deserve the best?

Somewhere Over on Rainbow…

lasvegas2Sally Hayes is the best Permanent Makeup Las Vegas option. And she works with the best in Las Vegas, Nevada, too. You can find her working out of the offices of the premiere plastic surgeon, Julio Garcia, MD, FACS. They’re located at 6020 S. Rainbow, Bldg. C, Las Vegas, NV 89118.

Sally has worked with Dr. Garcia for more than a decade, back when his offices and surgical suites were over on Charleston Blvd. She loves to leave her Scottsdale, Arizona home base for Vegas. She stays at different hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. She loves to take in good shows. And loves to go shopping. “If you can’t find it in Las Vegas, you can’t find it anywhere,” boasts Sally Hayes, “especially when it comes to shoes.”

Contact Sally Hayes now and book your consultation for the very best bet in Las Vegas on permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, and permanent lip makeup. Call 480-951-0539. Viva Las Makeup!

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