Sally knows the Valley. Having called Scottsdale home since 1969, she knows the lifestyle and quality you expect. She knows the value and importance you place on a beautiful and youthful-looking appearance. She lives these things, too. Though you may see her regular TV appearances as a permanent makeup expert on ABC 15 in Phoenix, Sally Hayes is just like you.

Scottsdale permanent makeup artistPermanent Lip Makeup – Permanent Eyebrows – Permanent Eyeliner

If you live in the Greater Phoenix area or have ties here, you know beauty interests are as common to women as the Arizona heat and sunshine. You want to look good. You need to look your best. People notice. Undetectable permanent makeup which enhances your lips, eyebrows, eyeliner, and the natural contours of your face can help you tremendously if you work, play, or make your home in Arizona.

Get your consultation for natural-looking time-saving permanent lip makeup, tattooed eyebrows, and permanent eyeliner. Call Sally Hayes, Full-Time Permanent Makeup Expert since 1988. (480) 951-0539.

Scottsdale, Arizona is the spa capital of the United States. And it’s like the Beverly Hills of the desert, a place where pampering is a big piece of Scottsdale living. Phoenix is the big sister right next door with sections of the city identical to Scottsdale. But as much as keeping up one’s appearance is of daily importance in these twin cities, there’s one max factor which makes the personal beauty process unique here.

They don’t call it “The Valley of the Sun” for nothin’…

Just like the Planet Earth itself, life in Arizona’s Valley of the Sun truly revolves around the sun. Whether you’re in the city of Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Glendale, Avondale, Surprise, Peoria or Paradise Valley, the temperature dictates when you’re comfortable going outside and for how long.

With a couple hundred sunny days a year and many with temperatures over 100 degrees, protecting yourself from sun exposure is a mandatory way of life here. For a woman, it’s about more than just protecting yourself from ultraviolet rays and skin cancer. You want to minimize sun damage as you focus on anti-aging. And moment to moment, if you’re like most women, you’re also concerned about protecting your makeup and not wilting and melting into a facial fiasco in the Arizona heat.

s2s3Permanent Cosmetics: No Smudges. No Smears. No Sweaty Messes.

When done right by a skilled and experienced permanent makeup artist, permanent lip makeup, permanent eyebrows, and permanent eyeliner give you a consistent, enhanced natural look, and consistent peace of mind. Every Phoenix, Scottsdale or Valley woman knows, the sun, heat, and other desert conditions like dust storms and monsoons can wreak havoc on your appearance at any time. Your eyebrows take a beating in the hot sun. Even high-quality mascara which is properly applied is only good for a few hours. And lipstick you know is nothing to smile about for long here.

Still, we all know people can be pretty harsh and critical, so you always need to pay attention to your appearance, especially your makeup. This takes a great deal of time every day. And many days you probably feel like it’s a waste of time. But still you must, right?

As for the quest to look your best, the one thing the Arizona sun and heat consistently gives you is stress. This is because makeup isn’t just about wearing cosmetics for you. It’s like applying added layers of comfort, confidence, and self-esteem, isn’t it?

An Arizona woman can’t go out for the day saying, “I’m not wearing makeup today. It’s just too hot.” That is unless, she has the secret weapon of Sally Hayes Permanent Makeup.

s4Now you don’t have to sacrifice for personal beauty in the Phoenix, Scottsdale and surrounding areas. With permanent makeup by Sally Hayes, you’ll literally wake up with makeup and have the opportunity every day to save yourself time, effort, and worry no matter what the weather is outside.

Sure, you may probably still want to apply topical makeup but you won’t have to, and if you do, the process will be so much easier with higher quality, consistent results. Think about where you go in the course of a day, and how much better life will be with the comfort and confidence of knowing you always look attractive.

Remember, people notice. Only now they’ll notice something “different” about you. They’ll compliment you on how nice you look. They’ll see you in a new and better light.

The popularity of permanent makeup has risen like summer temperatures for women in Arizona. They see the benefits. They see the value. The problem is regulation, certification, and training have not increased with the demand. While many today refer to themselves as a “permanent makeup artist,” providing these cosmetic services successfully on a person’s one and only face requires a great deal of skill, experience, and expertise.

Sally Hayes is everything you want in a permanent makeup professional.

s5She has successfully performed tens of thousands of permanent makeup procedures since 1988 when she sold her Scottsdale Beauty Salon and Boutique in the Hilton Village to pursue this new passion of hers. It is a passion she has today as much as ever.

Sally was introduced to the art of cosmetic tattooing or “micropigmentation” by Richard Wohl, M.D. a prominent Phoenix Plastic Surgeon long before tattoos became mainstream. Now, Sally Hayes is the first choice of many plastic surgeons from around the country who refer patients because of her honesty, professionalism, permanent makeup expertise.

Doesn’t your face deserve the everyday time and effort saving benefits of permanent makeup? Don’t you deserve to trust your face in the hands of the expert artist who’s been called “The Face of Permanent Makeup”? No one has been doing permanent makeup longer or better.

s6The Sally Hayes Permanent Makeup Clinic is conveniently located at the northeast corner of Scottsdale Road and Gold Dust. It’s just one block south of Shea Blvd. And about a mile west of the 101 loop.

Call (480) 951-0539 now to schedule your consultation. Permanent lip makeup, permanent eyebrows, and permanent eyeliner by Sally Hayes is your solution for enhanced everyday beauty, confidence, and living here in Phoenix, Arizona’s amazing “Valley of the Sun.”

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