test_nicolle_cunningham“Getting permanent eyeliner is one of the best things I could have done for myself. It’s so subtle, yet makes a dramatic difference. I love it!”
Nicolle Cunningham
Co-Anchor of Lafusion.com
test_kathleen“I love my permanent makeup. Running to the store and gym without applying makeup is a dream come true! If you want permanent makeup trust the best! Sally is the master!”
Kathleen Mascaras
Co-Anchor of Lafusion.com
denise testimonial“Sally did my eyeliner, eyebrows and full lip color 18 years ago. I absolutely think it was one of the best investments I have made for myself. I love it !”
Denise Monteforte – Realtor
test_terri_dykshorn“I love the freedom that permanent makeup allows me.”
Terri Dykshorn – Master Stylist
leigh testimonial“I love having my permanent makeup, especially my eyebrows. I recommend it to all my clients.”
Leigh B. – Scottsdale, AZ
test_suzie“Permanent makeup has been a time-saving convenience!”
Suzie – Scottsdale, AZ
lisa turley testimonial“Very impressive and very quick too. I’m thrilled!!!”
Lisa Turley
test_jennifer_geoghegan“The permanent eyeliner Sally did for me is great! It is very natural looking and not over done.”
Jennifer Geoghegan – MD
linda testimonial“I have been going to Sally since 1998. She is the ONLY ONE that I would trust with my face. Everyone tells me how natural the permanent makeup looks. Sally is the best in the business.”
Linda Deir
debbie testimonial“I love my permanent make-up so much I referred my clients, family and friends.”
Debbie Allen – Author/Motivational Speaker
brittany testimonial“Being blonde-haired & fair-skinned, washing off the makeup at the end of the night was always sort of… sad. There went my face! After getting my eyeliner, brows, and lip color permanently applied, I feel like I don’t disappear when I wash my face!”
Brittany Evans – Model
sarah testimonial“Sally gave me a great solution when she did my eyebrows, eyeliner and lip color. I love waking up feeling “done,” and knowing I still look great when I get out of the pool…no raccoon eyes! ”