Check out this consultation! Sally shows a potential client how she would look with permanent makeup. Watch how Sally uses a “half-and-half” consultation to show you how great you’d look around-the-clock with permanent makeup.


Permanent Eyebrows Retouch

Check out how beautiful her makeup is! Sally applied Full Face Permanent Makeup to her client several years ago and now it is time for an eyebrow touch up. She’s looking effortlessly beautiful all day long after Sally applied permanent makeup.



Check out this full permanent eyebrows (eyebrow tattoo) video. Sally shows you the first and second application of permanent eyebrows. Sally uses a personalized eyebrow tattooing technique to achieve a natural shape and color that is customized for each client.



Have you ever wondered what it’s like to get permanent eyeliner? Permanent eyeliner is a great way to immediately impact the natural beauty of your eyes. Watch how Sally’s technique of applying permanent eyeliner tattoos help your eyelashes look fuller and the natural color of your eyes pop.